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Enchanting Eastern Europe

Autumn is one of our favorite times to visit Europe, and this week we’re heading out again. We plan to visit 3 new (to us) countries: Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia, and to return to Hungary and Austria.

Last fall we took a fascinating ramble through the Baltic region, visiting Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We plan to use one of our favorite strategies on this trip. That is, rent a small studio apartment in each place for a 5-7 days, then explore and day-trip from this hub.

One of the enjoyable things about this part of the world, is the ability to travel relatively short distances, and experience very different cultures. It’s also interesting to see the impact that the former Soviet Union had on societies.

Of course, we’ll be posting from the road using our trusty little iPad. We hope you’ll join us.

Peaceful Trails,
Terri and James

Kiev St Michael Cathedral SL

Photo Credits:
1, 6. By Alexander Noskin via Wikimedia Commons
2. By komrath
3. By drotmalac
4. By biberta
5. By Frettie via Wikimedia Commons

33 thoughts on “Enchanting Eastern Europe

  1. Have a great trip! I’ve really enjoyed all those countries. Don’t miss Lviv in Ukraine, or the Crimea. Do you have your accommodation lined up? If not, I have a great recommendation for apartments in Budapest.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! We took a whirlwind jog through on our way somewhere further East and always said it would be nice to come back, so it’ll be great to follow your travels.

    • Thanks B. We’ve been traveling around the US for the past month, and it will be nice to park the car and pick up the suitcase. Our journey starts in Kyiv, which looks like lots of fun. We’ll keep you posted. ~James

    • A nice, long trip sounds good to me as well Melanie. In addition to the cultural experience, I’m looking forward to a bit of cooler weather. Today’s high on St. Simons Island is 88 (with 90% humidity). In Kyiv, it will be a delightful 66. I love winters in the south, but by this time of year, I’m so over summer that it’s not funny. We’ll keep you posted. ~James

    • Thanks Terri. We haven’t been back to Vienna in years. I always joke that I went there to see the Lipizzaner horses, only to discover they were touring in the US! 🙂 Hopefully I’ve done my research better this time! ~Terri

  3. wow, really beautiful photos. that one, st. michael’s cathedral just looks magical even from my laptop, i feel like i could touch it (i am not exaggerating!). you’ve taken them so beautifully!

    • Thanks Kate. I just love St. Michael’s style of architecture – we saw some of it in the Baltic and I just couldn’t get enough! And then there are the gold domes. I’m a sucker for those. 🙂 ~Terri

  4. happy travels… sounds great… lots of sausages and pork meat in those countries… enjoy and we will be reading.. 🙂

    • Thank you! In addition to studying up on the history and culture, we’ve also been checking out the food! 🙂 It looks marvelous! We have a friend whose family is from Slovakia and she’s been tutoring on how to request all these great dishes. Of course she started us off with “Two beers, please” in Slovak! ~Terri

    • We’ve traveled Eastern Europe from Bosnia in the south, to Finland in the north, and enjoyed every country. It’s been a real education because we learned so much of the history that we previously knew little about or were totally unaware of. You won’t be disappointed Sally, so just pick a few countries and go for it. Three of our favorites cities so far are Tallinn, Wroclaw, and Prague.~Terri

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