It’s Going to be *Baltic


In less than a week we’re going to take our first overseas trip since coming back from the RTW in April. Wow! Time sure does fly. In that time we swanned around for a couple of months, bought a condo, moved our stuff from Charleston, and knuckled-down to a grueling renovation. Whew!

Now we’re ready to rock and roll again … and we can’t think of a better place than the Baltic States. Why them, you may ask. Well, as a former presidential candidate was fond of saying,

# 1 … (with a bullet) … There’s no Dengue Fever in the Baltic States

We went to the WHO (World Health Organization) website and checked out their World Map of Dengue Fever. It shows that the disease is worst around the equator and tropical regions. Looks like we’ll be bypassing those for a little while … and James is grateful. I guess it’s just too cold in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for those pesky skeeters.

#2 … A Rare Opportunity

This is our chance to see very young nations – with recently restored independence – that are now spreading their wings and taking flight. These countries have undergone huge transformations and we’re excited to see their progress.

#3 … Stunning Beauty

Aside from natural allure, these nations have unique architecture, a rich cultural heritage, and fascinating people. Sounds like the perfect destination to us.

#4 … It’s Going to be “Baltic”

Living in the Southeast USA we’re accustomed to long, hot, humid summers … so we’re ready for a weather break. ‘Nuf said!

*Just in case you don’t remember the modern-day slang meanings of “Baltic” from the Urban Dictionary:

1. Northern Irish slang, used among contemporary youth to describe a severe degree of cool. Synonyms include chill, radical, sweet, and awesome
“That concert was totally baltic, so it was.”
2. Freezing ones balls off
It’s baltic out here.

Personally, I think we should all add “Baltic” to our vocabulary. Why should the Irish lads have all the fun?



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