Monopoly: Going Global and Kyiv’s a Player!

Monopoly Board FI

Yearning for a trip around the world? Longing to visit Istanbul, Tokyo, Cape Town – or in my case, Kyiv? Here’s your chance … and you won’t even suffer jet lag.

Every traveler probably knows the game “Monopoly” – that seemingly endless board game we all loved or hated as kids? Well, it’s gone global. The new Monopoly World Edition takes players on a whirlwind trip across six continents.

But you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m even interested. You may remember that when we planned our excursion to the Baltic countries I divulged my childhood romantic memories of “Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues” – the purple cheap seats on Monopoly – and how they launched me on an adult quest to visit those regions.

So when we decided to visit the Ukraine and started our research, one term that continued to pop up on any Google search (other than Chicken Kyiv) was “Monopoly.” Huh?

Turns out that Kyiv was a rockstar in Hasbro’s recent voting for 22 cities to go on their new World Edition game. Who knew!

Monopoly-World Edition

The online voting was conducted over 6 weeks. More than 5.6 million votes were cast to choose 20 winners from a list of 70 cities worldwide. Then voters were invited to write in 2 more cities. You may be wondering how Kyiv pulled it off.

“We gathered a small group of active people who started
a campaign on the Internet and later more people joined us,
spreading information about the campaign among Ukrainians
living in Ukraine and abroad.”
–Mykola Malukha, Kyiv journalist who headed the campaign.

Ahh, the power of the internet.


What color is Kyiv on the board?
Magenta, along with Istanbul and Toronto. In the US version, Kyiv is the equivalent of States Avenue – a very small street that still exists today in Atlantic City, New Jersey (the inspiration for the original game). In the UK version it’s the equivalent of Whitehall.

Monopoly-World Edition

What’s the symbol for Kyiv?
Each city’s square on the board also includes an image of something that symbolizes the city. For Kyiv, the beautiful column in Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) topped with a statue of Berehynia (the protector of Ukraine) was chosen as the icon of Kyiv.


She is their symbol of independence, and the column was erected on the site of the former Lenin monument.


What are the new international cities on the board?
Here are the 22 cities that earned spots on the game board of Monopoly World Edition, listed in order of votes earned. Each property grouping with the highest-rent properties is listed first.

Montreal and Riga have taken the place of Boardwalk and Park Place (Mayfair and Park Lane in the UK version).

The final two write-in cities, chosen for the low-rent brown (previously purple)spaces wound up being Taipei and Gdynia. They’re the Baltic and Mediterranean avenues of the new Monopoly.

Are there still Utilities and Railroads on the board?
The utilities have gone green: Solar and Wind Energy replace the good ol’ Electric Company and Water Works.

Railroads are joined by modern transportation – Air, Space, and Cruise Lines.

What about Chance and Community Chest Cards?
Players explore the world through the updated Chance and Community Chest cards. You can celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, organize Munich’s traditional Christmas market, host a St. Patrick’s Day festival in Dublin, or discover which country has the most bicycles. Chance and Community Chest Monopoly World Tokens

What are the game pieces?
As a kid, my favorite game piece was always the little dog. My sisters knew to keep their hands off the pooch.

But the new World Edition game pieces are a traveler’s dream come true. From tuk-tuks and safari hats to windmills and kangaroos! I’m in heaven.

Hotels and motels have now been transformed into building such as pyramids, yurts, pagodas and distinctive skyscrapers. What bliss for anyone with a traveler’s soul.

Show me the money!
Gone are the days of pastel currency – Electronic Banking has come to the Monopoly World. The new game uses its own currency unit, the “Monopolonian” (their version of the Euro) designated by M. It comes in thousands and millions, but there are no physical notes. All transactions take place in the “Electronic Banker.”

* * * * *

So I did the tally, and of these 22 cities, we have visited 15. What about you? Which of these cities have you visited … and could someone please tell me how to pronounce Gdynia. Thanks!


P.S. If you want to see what launched this whole Monopoly mania, check out Monopoly: Gotta Love Baltic Avenue.

World Edition Board

Photo Credits:
1. By Matthew Hull
2, 3, 5. Courtesy of Hasbro
4. By NympheCarna via Wikimedia Commons


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37 thoughts

    1. You really get around Kathy! Are any of those missing cities on your future radar? Thanks for the pronunciation help – I’m never quite sure what to do with missing consonants. You’re right about Monopoly taking forever. This new games claims to have a super-speedy version. That would help tremendously. ~Terri

      1. I’ve been trying to get in as much travel as possible before I get too decrepit, but so many places I’ll never get to!

        I’d love to go back to Ukraine and if so I’ll definitely plan to see Kyiv. The other three not so much, maybe Cape Town.

  1. I love this! The game pieces, the electronic money (I want to know how that works!), and the green utilities. Thanks for showing us this. I’ve only been to 7 of these cities; this post has kick-started my wanderlust again (haha, as if I ever don’t have it!). I’m embarrassed to admit I don’t even know where some of these cities are!

    1. Hi Cathy, I knew I was totally sold when I saw the game pieces! When I looked on Amazon and Ebay to buy it, there appears to be 2 versions – a standard and deluxe (in a round tin). I got the impression that the standard version comes with 6 randomly selected tokens – not sure if the deluxe version comes with more. But some folks on Ebay are selling just the tokens. And the new Electronic Banking gizmo looks pretty interesting. The link below is Hasbro’s explanation of how it all works. Have fun! 🙂 ~Terri

      Click to access 46A4947119B9F36910CFB9B146F61162.pdf

      1. Terri, I just can’t believe Monopoly has moved to electronic banking! Hilarious. I think it’s cool you can buy ALL the game pieces on Amazon or Ebay. What people can do these days to make money! The whole concept is really great. 🙂

  2. Monopoly. Cards word thin. The fold on the board almost separating. Rolling the dice as we children sat close to the kitchen stove on cold winter stove. Monopoly. Adults now. Playing by lamp light at our Northern cottage. The classics are forever. V.

  3. Monopoly tends to outlast my patience, Terri, but I must say I like the international board. What a great way to educate and capture kids. Fun blog. PS… I’ve only been to 12 of the cities. Better get busy. –Curt

    1. We are of like minds, Curt. We used to devise all kinds of strategies to shorten the game. Evidently this new World Edition has a way to cut down the playing time. And 12 Cities is great – I always love knowing there’s more to explore. 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Susan, I think 8 is fantastic – it doesn’t matter when you went! And as to the fate of Venice – Italy recently did their own Monopoly Anniversary Edition and Venice didn’t even win a slot in their 22 cities! The only Tuscan city was Viareggio. Interesting, huh? Glad you enjoyed it. Love, T

    1. Congratulations! And just think of all the jet lag you’ve been spared. 🙂 I found the list interesting because it wasn’t all the cities you would expect – there were lots of surprises (a few sent me running to my globe)! ~Terri

  4. Love this. It will be on my Christmas list for the family. Disappointed that Cairo didn’t make it though– what’s that about?! Or Agra?! I’ve been to 11 of the countries so time to plan for more 🙂

    1. Marilyn, It looks like it would be a fun family gift – something for everyone! And you’re right about the missing cities, countries, and continents! I noticed that South America wasn’t even represented. Evidently it all came down to the voting and the cities that mobilized their fans both at home and abroad. But like you, I enjoy anything that spurs me to further adventure. 🙂 ~Terri

  5. This is such a fun story – the best part being the desire it stirs to see many of these cities oneself. I can see we have a long way to go. I have been to many of the countries represented on the list, but not a lot of the specific cities listed. And I had to look up Gdynia to find out where it is. 🙂 – Mike

    1. Thanks Mike. Gdynia sent me running to my globe (and Wikipedia), too. But I must admit I love that there’s always somewhere new to explore. I won’t get bored in this lifetime! 🙂 Where in Croatia are you and Florence these days? ~Terri

  6. Oh that’s brilliant! (And even more embarrassing when it comes to my “duh” moment over chicken kyiv… I just don’t know why I never questioned the “Kyiv” part of that… the things you take for granted.) Anyway, this will create a dilemma when we go to buy a monopoly set once the kids get old enough. Traditional vs World? Hm…

    1. That’t true B … and the amazing thing is how many different versions of Monopoly there are out there. There are games for specific cities, states and countries too. Oh, the choices. That’s why I’m going for the one with the coolest game pieces! 🙂 ~Terri

  7. Fun! Baltic was always my favorite acquisition. I still need to get there, although I did once touch a toe to the Baltic Sea. Kiev is definitely at the top of my list. My grandmother came from Odessa and my grandfather from the Ukraine, and I have cast a serious eye on Eastern Europe. I am loving reading about it on your blog!

    1. Hi Naomi, So good to see you! I’m with you on Baltic. – my fave too. How cool that your grandparents are from this area. It totally fascinates us – history, culture, food. And I’m guessing that you may already be familiar with the foods we’ve been sampling. True comfort food. 🙂 Hope you get to visit soon. All the best, Terri

  8. James & Terri- I saw your mentions of the UK version on your first (2012) Monopoly post and knew I needed to send you this book link. I scanned the covers for you– :

    This is a book by Tim Moore, “Do Not Pass Go” (heck you may have it already… but in case not, it’s 340 pages of great reading fun covering the UK Monopoly stories). I read it on my way to London and referred back to the stories as I went around the tube stations just to see each property- relaxing week of R&R coming from Baku, Azerbaijan.

    I share your love of Monopoly and am now happily looking forward to the Global edition with all the bells and whistles. I’ve been to 12 of the list, but Gdynia wasn’t one of them- maybe next year!

    Thanks for another fun post!

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