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The Christmas Airstream

Xmas Airstream FI

Here at Basecamp Gallivance we’re ramping up to an awesome holiday celebration. We just finished our big project last night – building and tiling our new bar top (more on that later). Woohoo! So now we are free and clear to just enjoy our first Christmas at home. Ahhh!

You may remember that I’m a lover of all things Christmas, and that always includes a touch of whimsy. Something that makes you do a double take, shake your head and grin. A few years back, a dear friend gave me a model of an Airstream Bambi, knowing how much I was coveting that sweet tiny home. Of course, I had to decorate it for Christmas.

My gypsy heart was ignited by the 1996 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog that featured this custom Mackenzie-Childs Airstream for $195,000. I was gobsmacked! The nomad in me just wanted to jump in and drive away. I must admit the urge is still there.

Neimans Airstream

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

So what about you. Do you indulge in a little whimsy around the holidays?

Have a great Saturday! We’re heading out to a movie and a new restaurant. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice … the earth didn’t end.

Peace and Love,

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

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