Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island: The Search Continues

New spirit 2

As it turned out, our earlier posts on the Tree Spirits, were quite popular. We even received a nice note of thanks from the artist, Keith Jennings.

Our continuing search has been fun, and we’ve discovered numbers 10 and 11, both of which are within a quarter mile of our condo! One was carved recently, and the other, as you’ll see, has been around a while.

This Spirit is right up the road from our condo, adjacent to the parking lot of the Magnolia Manor assisted living facility. The carving was completed in early April, and consequently, it’s still fresh and unweathered. .

Covered spirit 2

At the other end of age spectrum is this Spirit, which is in Redfern Village, a popular shopping and dining area on Frederica Road. To use the artist’s terminology, it’s being “reclaimed”. The live oak tree obviously sees these faces as temporary residents, as its face is being slowly smothered by bark.

Dynamic isn’t a term that’s frequently associated with works of art, but in the case of the Tree Spirits, it’s a great part of their charm. What wonderful and fun art Mr. Jennings. Bravo.

Happy Trails,


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