Into the East: 10 Links You’ll Love

As part of our “Slice of Americana Series,” every Saturday in July we’ve been sharing links to fellow bloggers who write about their lives and adventures in the USA. This week we’ll wrap up the series by featuring The East

But first, we want to say thank you to all the inspiring bloggers we’ve featured this month. Your experiences and life stories have made this series a success. Also, thank YOU for your comments – both thoughtful and hilarious. You keep us stoked!

* * *

We used to live in Asheville, North Carolina. So when I read this post from Liz at Be Love Live I couldn’t stop smiling. Here are her 10 Things Only People From Asheville Understand.

Elin at Traveling Near and Far traded life in Norway to live in Vermont. If, like me, you’ve never been ice fishing, then you’re in for a treat!

Annalee at Tavola Del Mondo will inspire you to head for the Connecticut countryside when you see her photos from a weekend in Lyme.

JoLynn at West Virginia Mountain Mama recounts the Wood Choppers Festival, proving that the spirit of Paul Bunyan is alive and well in the woods of West Virginia.

Jonathan at Travel the Vale knows how to capture the vibe of the Wilmington waterfront.

Meg and I must be kindred spirits. Whenever the summer heat gets to be too much for me, I think of heading to Maine. Evidently I’m not alone.

Bridget at A Traveling B writes about the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy, and the triumph in 2014.

Chau at just1stepaway reminds us that there’s nothing better than a cool library – especially the George Peabody Library in Baltimore. They still have a card catalog!

Laura at Touring New Hampshire has a goal to visit every town and city in the state. A trip to the town of Pittsburg shows her keen eye for detail.

And we can’t forget our crown jewel …

If you really want to see Washington DC, then there’s no better vantage point than the Washington Monument. Robin at photographybykent was there the day it reopened (after 3 years of earthquake repairs) to capture these images.

Have a great weekend!

A LITTLE LAGNIAPPE (something extra) …

Brenda at Get Jazzed About Music asks “Do you know your state’s song?” Ours is “Georgia on my Mind” by Ray Charles. What’s yours?

Dina at Wine and Cheese Doodles is an American currently living in Copenhagen. She came home for a visit this July and shares the 10 things she misses about the USA.

Photo Credits:
3. Gerbil via Wikimedia Commons
6. Dawn via Wikimedia Commons


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53 thoughts

    1. Thank you Sue. You and I both know that the talent pool is enormous in the blogging world. And finding people who write passionately about their homes and destinations is a joy. I was really looking for fresh perspectives and pleasantly surprised by what I found. My bucket list just keeps getting longer. 🙂 ~Terri

      1. I agree completely Terri. I may have mentioned that since I started blogging last year I have come to the realization I will need to live to be 150 to fit it all in. 🙂 So many wonderful people to meet and the locations of their glorious home and travels endless.

    1. The pleasure was ours Thom. It’s always great to discover bloggers with fresh perspectives – like you! I see that you did some of your research at the Hammersmith Odeon. We used to live in Hammersmith! Small world, huh? So glad that you stopped by. All the best, Terri

  1. Thanks for the feature, guys! I am totally honored! And it’s so much fun to discover some more inspiring blogs. Happy weekend to you both! xx

    1. Liz, your post is just so spot-on! I said to James, “You’ve got to read this. Did she nail it, or what?” You are obviously an excellent observer of life, and find the most endearing way to describe it. Are you back home yet? ~Terri

  2. What a lovely surprise to wake up to here in sunny Copenhagen! Thanks for the shout out. I’ve been enjoying checking out a lot of the bloggers you’ve been featuring. It’s a great series! D

    1. You’re welcome Dina. Your writing never fails to delight! So many of your expat observations really resonate with me, and it’s great to converse with someone who “gets it.” 🙂 So when is your next move? ~Terri

    1. Thanks Tess. By the end of next week you can take your pick because we will have featured all 50 states plus Washington DC. You’ll be spoiled for choice. 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Thanks a lot Martha. It’s been such fun to pull it all together. It’s so exciting to discover a blog that makes me smile – like yours. 🙂 Congrats again on being Freshly Pressed. ~Terri

    1. Thank you Naomi – it’s been a fun trip around the country. I see that you just returned from Poland and Lithuania. Aren’t they amazing countries? We were there last Fall and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can’t wait to read all your posts. ~Terri

  3. What a great series, James and Terri. Thank so much for introducing me to new places, adventures, and other wonderful bloggers. And of course thanks again for mentioning my posting in this series. ~Chau

    1. Thanks Chau … and you’re welcome! I’ve admired your blog and beautiful photography for a long time now, and I knew others would love it too. I know you’ll enjoy checking out some of these other folks too. Are you snapping lots of new pix this weekend? ~Terri

      1. Hi Terri,

        No pictures taking this weekend, I’m just relaxing after a very busy month with work. I’m excited about an b upcoming business trip to the west coast in a couple of weeks, definitely lots of photo ops then. What are your travel plans this summer?

      2. That sounds great! We’re visiting with friends and family this summer, then in September we heading to Scandinavia and Western Europe for the fall. We’re so excited! Looking forward to your west coast posts. ~T

      3. Great plans for the summer Terri. Wow, Scandinavia sounds fabulous. Many of our travels these days are inspired by stories or photos we see from fellow bloggers or Facebook postings and the fjords of Norway have been catching my eyes. I can’t wait to experience Scandinavia through your blog.

  4. Since my family’s roots go back before the turn of the last century in the West, the eastern part of the country is the part I am least familiar with. As we prepare our plans to travel the U.S., your writings will be invaluable in researching the lesser known, out-of-the-way places that we tend to seek out. That was true in Europe where we discovered for ourselves some of the places you had written about. It seems you two were meant to be our advance scouts, and we appreciate the stories and the photos. I look forward to your next series, whatever you decide to share. – Mike

    1. Thanks Mike – I don’t think we’ve ever been anyone’s advance scout before! 🙂
      We were the same as you – except we grew up east of the Mississippi, and the West always has an allure for us. So we’ve really enjoyed our explorations west of The Big Muddy. Since Florence is from the east, I bet she had some great destinations up her sleeve. So glad that we were able help in the idea department. ~Terri

  5. This post was a great one for me as we have yet to explore many of these states. So generous of the two of you to showcase other blogs. 🙂

    1. Thank you LuAnn, you are too kind. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to discover all these great bloggers. And I got so many ideas for places we’d like to visit. Totally win-win! 🙂 ~Terri

  6. Terri, as much as you have a penchant for international travel, it’s fun to see you now focusing on ‘home’ in this series. It also seems like another road-trip is in order for Shawn and me. 🙂 From this list, Asheville, Vermont, and Maine have really piqued my curiosity!

    1. An American road trip is always a fun option, Tricia. And you can choose your own theme, like your Route 66 trip. We really enjoyed the Great River Road trip we took last summer. And the drive up through New England and Canada to Nova Scotia is fabulous. How often do you and Shawn get back to the US? ~Terri

  7. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Americana series — so many great posts; so many great bloggers! I’ve read a good number of the posts and followed so many new writers — all thanks to you. You guys are the Pair-up People of the Internet!!! And we all love it!

    1. Wow Rusha – Thanks for your very kind words! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the series. It seems that every “pair-up” dominoes to another, and I like that. I’ve even made connections with people from places I lived as a teenager. I just discovered from a reader that I went to high school with David Hasselhoff … and didn’t even know it! Amazing! 🙂 ~Terri

  8. Terri and James – thank you so much for the mention! I am truly honored to be featured with such a great group of writers. I love that you have broken up the series by destination. Many of these locations are within driving distance of me and this post has brought about the desire to explore New England more thoroughly! Great work!

    1. Thank you so much – this is the perfect time to be in Maine and enjoy the refreshment of the beach and the cool breeze! I’d like to be there right now… 🙂

      1. You’re welcome Meg! We love to head to Maine in the summer to escape the toasty Georgia summer, and your post captured everything we love about the state. And like you, I’d love to be there right now. 🙂 ~Terri

    2. It was totally our pleasure, Bridget. Your words and photos were so powerful that we wanted to share them with everyone. It’s great that you picked out some destinations in your neck of the woods that look appealing. Exploring New England is such a joy and you’re in the perfect location to take advantage of it. Thanks for your encouragement. ~Terri

    1. I love lighthouses too, Jo. They are all up and down both the east and west coasts here, and around the Great Lakes, too. Do you have favorite lighthouses there in the UK? ~Terri

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