Scenes From a Buddhist Wedding



When we arrived at the temple we could tell that a celebration was taking place. Blaring music, people chatting, and kids scurrying about wearing special-occasion clothes. A Buddhist wedding.

The time-honored Sri Lankan Poruwa ceremony had already taken place, involving a series of rituals performed by the bride and groom, and their families. They were officially married. Now it was time for photos and the reception.


The handsome couple was dressed in traditional finery, with pink accents throughout. They strolled the grounds of the temple, visiting with family and friends, then stopped to watch as the temple elephant got a bath.


The groom’s little brother spied us and asked us to take his photo.


Even the Buddha was lavished with pink petals.


Buddha w Petals


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  1. Debbi, Congratulations to you on receiving the Liebster Award. And thanks so much for nominating us. It’s a wonderful honor and we really appreciate it. All the Best, Terri & James

  2. Great Pictures! thanks for checking out my blog. I will keep reading yours for inspiration. I’m extremely new to blogging but have big dreams and seeing such experienced writers lookin in on mine is great. thanks and keep up the awesomeness

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