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The Essence of Home

You know that wonderful feeling of coming home – the scent, the touch, the sounds? Yet if you had to describe the sensation to someone else, you might have difficulty putting your finger on just what it is that feels so special about being home. How do you capture the essence of home?

That was our dilemma. We wanted to downsize our belongings, but before we could decide what to keep, we needed to figure out what made a place feel like home to us. What were the crucial elements for the simple life we wanted to live?

After much reflection, we realized that the essence of our home came down to a few key ingredients: fresh flowers, flickering candles, and simple furnishings. Add to that our family and friends along with great music, books, food and art, and we were totally content. Pure and simple.

We call our home the “The Global Cottage.” No matter where we live in the world, we combine simple, neutral furniture with unique art and objects from our travels. It’s become our signature. Anywhere we choose to live always feels like home, and everyone comments, “It looks like you!”

You’re probably wondering how that translates into life on the road. No problem.

We always take candles with us, light them every night, and replenish our supply along the way. (James has calculated the best price for a votive candle – to the penny! It pays to marry a geek.) Every chance we get we’ll acquire fresh flowers, then pass them along to our hosts when we leave. Our iPad and iTouch will provide us with photos, music, entertainment, and reading material. We’ll stay in touch with family and friends as we travel, and the new scenery will become our art. We will be “at home on the globe.” Can you say contentment?

This all goes to prove that you can feel at home no matter where you are.

So now I think I’ll grab a glass of wine and read about our first stop, Reykjavik, Iceland. Can’t wait to see the Blue Lagoon. Good night all!


P.S. You know that the easy answer to the question “What makes a place feel like home?” is … each other! We are the heart and soul of our home. So, technically speaking, no matter where we are, if we’re together, we’re home.

4 thoughts on “The Essence of Home

    • Many thanks, Constance! And you have such a beautiful way of expressing how to make a place feel like home in your two gorgeous blogs. You are so talented! All the best, Terri

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