Dengue Fever: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I hope you like the hat in this photo. You may be seeing it on a regular basis. Today is the 2 month anniversary for my attack of Dengue Fever. We were in Melbourne, Australia, and it’s an event I will never forget. I felt horrible, and there was nothing funny about it. However, now that I’m feeling better, it’s starting to get a bit funnier.

Side effects are showing up that are interesting … to say the least. My list of strange symptoms are: skin flaking off the soles of my feet, itching all over, prickly feelings that move around my body, a “chalky” feel to my skin, and a heightened sensitivity to insect bites. I’ve had warts since childhood, and if there’s a silver lining to this affliction, the warts have disappeared. Weird, weird!

I’ve researched these strange symptoms online, and if the comments are true, I have some serious hair loss to look forward to as well. But not to worry, I remember how badly I felt when the fever was burning through my system. Compared to that, this stuff is just an inconvenience. As to the hair loss, it’s just a faster trip down a road I was already traveling.

Thanks again to my family and friends who keep checking in to see how I’m doing. I may have no skin or hair left, but I’ll be fine.

Happy Trails,


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7 thoughts

  1. Hello there! Thanks a lot for these posts, it really helps and brings hope! I contracted dengue (classic) almost 2 months and a half ago in Cambodia. Although recovery was quite fast I think the side effecta are disturbing me more! The fatigue is almost gone and muscles are getting back to normal little by little. I can have normal life and even dance until 3am! But for me the most enoying/scaring thing is the burning sensatuins in my skin, mostly extremities. Senaations are like ig suddenly my hand or leg is touched by strong sun light or ver small needles are there. It lasts seconds and is not painfull at all, just So wierd!! All my blood tests, urine, kidney, liver, even neurologist physical examinationa are NORMAL. So i guess this is just post viral? Did you have similar feelings?
    Btw! My hair is falling quite a bit… But i know it won’t go all.

    Thanks for your time in advanced!very good blog!

    1. Thanks for the comment Monica and for dropping by the blog. And unfortunately, welcome to the Dengue Club. You’d be amazed at how many comments and views I get from my dengue posts. When I wrote this series, it was my second time having dengue. I decided to write because it was scary for me, and I did lots of online research to find out what it was and what I could do to make it better. And what I found was really helpful. Doctors really can’t do much for this disease, and yet, I was having lots of weird side effects, most of which were skin and hair related. And you’re right, after I started to get better it was mostly weird skin stuff instead of pain. I had strange skin things going on for a couple of months. But, bottom line, you will get better and I’m glad all your tests are normal. I’m glad that my posts were helpful, and I would encourage you to put your experiences online. I’ve had lots of correspondence with dengue folks, and all appreciate hearing from someone that’s been there. ~James

  2. Hello! Not sure if my last comment was posted. I had dengue 3 months ago in Cambodia. Although almost all side effecta are reducing (fatigue, muscle stifness and joint pain…) the weierdest symtoms are the burning sensatiins in my skin. They do not hurt but, for being so irregular and in different spots, it really worries me. All kind of tests i dis with GP and neurologist are NORMAL So I was curious to know if this happened to you as well. The feeling is like if sun or a heater was near my arm or finger or feet but when touching is normal. Strange! Thanks a lot!

      1. Thank you so much for your answers. I assume this is a matter of time, patience, good diet and exercise. Doctors recommend a lot coconut water and at least 2,5L per day. Vitamins supplements.

        All the best,

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