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Tree Spirits: A Great Excuse to Hit the Pub

In yesterday’s post we shared the story of the 20 tree spirits carved into live oaks trees on St. Simons Island. Early this morning, we found number 9. The first 8 were Watchers in a quiet hammock, but number 9 is watching over a more lively place … Murphy’s Tavern on Mallery Street.

We love these new city “treasure hunts”, because frequently, they get us into parts of town where we wouldn’t normally go, or didn’t know about. As most travelers know, London is known for its local pubs. When living there, our favorite guidebook became “The Best 500 Pubs in London”, which inspired us to visit as many as possible. Saturday mornings found us pouring over the map to find the next one. It was a wonderful (and fun) way to see lots of new areas in a vast city.

And in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, their “Mice on Main” attraction features tiny mouse sculptures hidden all along Main Street. When our young nieces visited it was a great family outing to see how many of the little rodents we could spot.

If you can’t get enough of these wonderful Tree Spirits, here are some more we’ve found:

The Watchers in the Hammock
Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island: The Search Continues
Tree Spirits of St. Simons: The Other Woman

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