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  1. Deeply honored that mys Syrian refugees post is liked by such well-traveled individual/s..

    I wish I had your kind of life. I wanted to travel as a young person, but instead ended up being married at 20 (divorced), and started having kids (4 now all young adults). No regrets as I love my kids so much. They are the loves of my life. But I still wish to travel in the near future though. I believe, people who travel have broader horizons and more understanding of humanity.

    Best regards – Anna from Delaware, USA

    1. Anna, It’s so nice to meet you. James and I both come from a family of 4 kids, so we know what a joy your children must be for you. We would say that you probably have broader horizons and more understanding of humanity. 🙂

      I thought your piece was so spot on. We’ve been traveling in Serbia the past couple of weeks, and “Where is Home?” is the question we see written on the faces of the refugees and migrants we see. Although there are many times in our lives we left everything behind to move to another country, we always had a choice and could return home.

      So glad that you stopped by. All the best, Terri

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