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  1. Wow, James! This is fascinating… I’ll bet it really is pretty at night with the lights on.

    Just by way of a “cocktail napkin calculation” – nothing technical- I’m figuring there are more than 15,000 cans and bottles in that tree. (Too much time on my hands?) I wonder if we could get something like this to catch on here?

    This could be a great community recycling project involving kids collecting at schools, families at home, and guessing game tickets sold to raise money for park clean-up projects. You’ve given us something else to think about over this long winter’s nap!

    1. Thanks Jonelle. I thought that this tree was an excellent idea, and as you suggest, it would make a great community project. And who woulda thunk, in Larnaca, Cyprus of all places. It may not be obvious from the photos, but it was also a bit of an engineering feat. It was sitting only a few feet from the ocean, and it held up to some pretty strong winds. If you get the project off the ground, find an engineer to volunteer. Please report back on how close your 15,000 estimate was. ~James

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