Simple Joy!


Last night we had one of those long, cleansing summer storms, complete with deep, rolling thunder and eye-clenching lightning. You know the kind. And when you get up the next morning, the whole world looks fresh and new. I always look forward to my morning walks after a heavy rain … I think it taps my inner child. Temperatures are a bit lower. Water drips from the live oaks, and the Resurrection ferns have unfurled and are lush and green. The dusty Spanish moss glistens in the sun, and the puddles are just waiting to be splashed through.

This morning I found a kindred spirit. It’s 6:45 am and this little girl is already celebrating last night’s gift. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

IMG_0685 IMG_0684

Puddle + Swim Ring = Fun!

I like that equation.

So today I’m going to turn things topsy-turvy and concentrate on seeing my world through a child’s eyes. Come on in … the water’s fine.

Have a great weekend. Go Play!


15 thoughts on “Simple Joy!

    • Isn’t it marvelous, Jennifer? My nieces can play by themselves or together for hours, inventing scenarios like a Hollywood script writer. 🙂 It’s such fun to watch. Enjoy your weekend. ~Terri

    • I love that smell, Tom. I know there’s a scientific term for it, but I have no idea what it is … neither does the scientist in the family. Like you, I just anticipate the sensation and head out into the rain … sans shoes. 🙂 ~Terri

    • Those storms are fabulous, Bronwyn. Do you get them in Singapore, or just back home? I know when we lived in Khartoum we begged for rain, but it never came – we had to be satisfied with “haboobs” (sandstorms). Fun (kinda), but not as gratifying. 🙂 ~Terri

      • I would say we get much more spectacular storms back home. You do see some thunder and lightening in Singapore, but it tends to be more frequent and less vicious.

        Now a sandstorm would be something different. I understand it wouldn’t fill quite the same role as a thunder storm, though.

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