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I’ll Take You Riding in My Car, Car


Bringing you smiles and adios from San Miguel de Allende. Next stop Morelia!

Happy weekend everyone!

* * *

Take me riding in the car, car;
Take me riding in in the car, car;
Take you riding in the car, car;
I’ll take you riding in my car…

Climb, climb, rattle on the front seat;
Spree I spraddle on the backseat;
Turn my key, step on my starter,
Take you riding in my car…

I’m a gonna let You blow the horn;
I’m a gonna let you blow the horn;
A oorah, a oorah, a oogah, oogah,
I’ll take you riding in my car.
–Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

21 thoughts on “I’ll Take You Riding in My Car, Car

    • Jadi, Thanks so much for this award. We are honored to be part of such a cool group of people and can’t wait to check out all these fascinating blogs. All the best, Terri & James

    • Yes Andrew, “Lena” does look pretty fierce! However, she must have been a former canine companion because when we saw him he had a little white poodle on his lap. 🙂 ~Terri

  1. Not only do I love the picture of this car, but Woody Guthrie is an old favorite of mine! Now I’ll hafta dust off the album and listen again! Thx for posting!

    • Rusha, I listened to his version of the song on YouTube and it’s hilarious – especially the beginning where he’s making all the car noises. I seem to remember there’s also a Pete Seeger version. So are you and Bert going to any festivals this weekend? ~Terri

      • We’re staying in and catching up! We’re having the family over for dinner on Sunday, watching the Oscars, and heading out to Idaho on Monday!!! Need some time for laundry!!

  2. Ha! That is so cool! The kids would love to ride around in that car, (and hopefully find a real dog inside). Looks like you having a lot of fun 🙂
    Oh! And thanks for getting that song stuck in my head now! 😉

    • I listened to Woody Guthrie perform that song on Youtube and it’s hilarious – the kids would love it! :). We saw the owner driving the car around later in the day and let’s just say that he and the car were well suited to each other. ~Terri

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