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Goofin’ Around on Boxing Day

Charleston Hats-color stroke

The piles of wrapping paper are history, the leftovers are disappearing, and pine needles are collecting in open gift boxes under the tree. It’s Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, and for those still on holiday, it’s prime time for goofin’ off.

For me, in addition to starting a new book, it means experimenting with a new photo app called Colorstrokes. This simple, easy-to-use app can change photo colors and add cool, dramatic effects. I downloaded the app, and was goofin’ around with some old images in a couple of minutes.

In the photo above, I changed the entire image to black and white, then restored the native colors to the two hats. The lovely Charleston Hat Ladies are the subject, and I absolutely love this shot.

beers JV

A fish-camp restaurant in Darien, Georgia provided the backdrop for this photo, and the color editing leaves no doubt why we stopped. The color photo was converted to B/W, the original color restored on the beers, and an effect called “Dreamy” was applied.

And then sometimes, the original colors are just right.

IMG_5388 - Version 2

So check out this fun app, and have a relaxing day. Remember that idleness isn’t always a bad thing.

Happy Boxing Day,

27 thoughts on “Goofin’ Around on Boxing Day

  1. Oh, I’m jealous, James! I don’t have apps, being an archaic sort of creature, but the effects are so clever. Trouble is, if I was a 21st century person, I’d never have a minute left at all in the day!
    Now- what should I eat next? 🙂

    • You give me too much credit Sue. In the case of the book, I’ll be the reader, not the writer. I prefer my writing to be in bite-sized pieces, so the blog is perfect for me. Have a Happy New Year! ~James

    • Thanks for the comment Sylvia, and for dropping by the blog. I love playing around with this fun app and love the results. But the app is so simple to use, that it’s easy to go too far. Happy New Year to you and your family. ~James

  2. This is great – I’ve had fun with OnOne’s editing program too – a little more involved, but I think you can get a free trial or an older version free, and it’s got a lot of great effects. Nice work!

    • Thanks for dropping by the blog and for the comment. I haven’t heard of OnOne, but I’ll check it out. For me the biggest challenge has been deciding what photos benefit from color enhancement. But the good news is that it’s easy to experiment, trash the dogs, and start over. ~James

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