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Coastal Christmas: New Traditions

IMG_2125 - Version 3

Merry Christmas! Like many of you, Christmas traditions are a part of our life. However, our nomadic lifestyle sometimes requires adjustments, and frequently, fun new additions.

For instance, last year we spent Christmas in Athens in a small studio apartment. A big decorated tree wasn’t possible, so we improvised and it turned out great.

This year, because it’s our first Christmas on the Georgia coast, it only seemed natural to add the new tradition of the “recover from lunch” beach walk.

IMG_2134 - Version 3

And discovering this whimsical tree made our walk even better. It actually was quite well done, but at the same time showed that slightly wacky attitude that always exists at the beach.

Locals adorn the tree with ornaments, beads and garlands, while beachcomber’s add their treasures as well. It’s a motley collection, but oh so cool!

So on this special day, we hope that your holiday traditions, whatever they might be, bring peace and joy to you and your loved ones.

A Very Merry Christmas to All,
James and Terri

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