Solar Eclipse: The View From The Island

Eclipse FI

We arrived just in time to catch this morning’s partial solar eclipse. Confused by the time change, we couldn’t remember if it was happening at 6:30 “old time” or “new time.”

We jumped in the car and headed to our favorite spot, with a clear, ocean view to the sunrise. Even though the hour was early, families were already in place for the show.


Since it would only be visible for 30 minutes, we hoped the ever-present morning cloud bank would cooperate. We were in luck.

When the first rays began to appear, a cheer went up from the children in the crowd.

Then it was just magic. Enjoy!


According to USA Today, this was a rare “hybrid” eclipse – some parts of the Earth saw an “annular” eclipse (where the moon does not completely block out the sun), while other parts saw a “total” eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun.

Along with parts of Europe and Africa, we saw the “annular” part of the eclipse: The sun appeared to have a bite taken out of the lower left quadrant.

This was the Earth’s final solar eclipse of the year. The next chance to see a total solar eclipse in the U.S. will be Aug. 21, 2017. Who knows where we’ll be then!

Terri & James


We're Terri and James Vance - high school sweethearts who went on to international careers and became world nomads. Today, 65 countries later, we're still traveling ... and still in love. Check out Our Story for more of the backstory at

45 thoughts

    1. Nicole, It was so cool! With the clouds we were all afraid we had missed it, but when it popped up with that chunk missing there was a collective sigh of appreciation in the crowd. So glad you stopped by – looks like you’re been really busy! ~Terri

    1. Thanks Rusha. Lazy me, I was hoping to see it from the parking lot of our condo, but the palm trees were in the way. Luckily, the caffeine zipping through my veins motivated me to go to the beach and I’m glad I did. It was really pretty cool. ~James

  1. Home again, home again, huh. The weary travels arrive in time to see an eclipse. Fun, but my favorite shot was the pelicans. I’ve never met one I didn’t want to photograph. –Curt

    1. Curt, it was pretty funny about the birds in the photos. It was the time of morning when pelicans, skimmers, gulls, and every other shore bird was on their way somewhere. For a while, I had a difficult time getting a shot without a bird zipping through. Actually, the eclipse was pretty cool, and like all sunrise/sunset photos, they don’t do it justice. ~James

    1. Thanks Sue. The cool thing was that the eclipse happened at a respectable hour. Frequently, these astronomical events happen at times that elicit thoughts of “Do I really want to see this at 2:00 AM?” ~James

    1. Many thanks Mickey. It was one of those special moments that seems to happen when you live on an island. We’d been in Eastern Europe for quite a while and it was good to feel sand under our feet again. So glad that you stopped by. All the best, Terri

    1. Alison, It was sublime! Everyone’s dogs were playing and tumbling in the sand, the kids were clapping and cheering, and the pelicans were flying south in formation. All was right with the world. 🙂 ~Terri

    1. It was really amazing Vicki. Luckily, a friend brought a polarized lens so we could look at it without damaging our eyes, but we both went away “seeing spots before our eyes!” 🙂 ~Terri

  2. It is always fun to observe the natural wonders of our solar system. I always thought it would be cool to know the schedule of the solar eclipse and tell some ancient society I could turn day into night. It is not an original idea since Mark Twain wrote about that in “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.” Gazing at the skies always frees the imagination, I think. – Mike

    1. That’s so funny you mentioned that Mike. James and I were marveling about the science of determining when these events happen – it just boggles my mind. You and Mark Twain had the right idea. ~Terri

    1. Thanks a bunch Madhu! I think the clouds actually added to the drama with their little “peep show!” You could hear people in the crowd saying, “Here it comes … no, not yet.” 🙂 So when it finally popped out, everyone was pretty excited. !Terri

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