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The Halloween Saga of Betty Brains

Betty Brains

It’s Halloween, so we’ve resurrected “Betty Brains” . . .

She started her life as an elegant hat model in an upscale Dallas department store. Her long, swan-like neck and regal bearing were her best features. And although she was glamorous in netting and sequins, feathers were her forte.

It was a good life for a torsoless piece of molded styrofoam.

But she fell on hard times when hats went out of fashion. The fancy millinery department closed, and she was sold to a downmarket wig shop in a sketchy part of town. She became a bottle-blond mannequin one day, a red head the next.

Unfortunately, the wig store succumbed to the dismal economy and was replaced by a pawn shop. The retailer’s unique inventory of polystyrene heads eventually ended up in the local Goodwill Store. Amid the broken lamps and mismatched mugs she was rediscovered by our friend, (and James’ secretary), Gail – destined for fame.

That’s how she found her way to our annual Halloween Party.

Since we love Halloween, we hosted a wacky bash for years. People created hilarious costumes …

With nuts

… and brought spooky foods. But that year, Gail outdid herself.

She performed Franken-surgery on the mannequin by removing the top of her skull and adding gruesome effects to her face. Then, to add insult to injury, she filled her head with neon-green guacamole …

And “Betty Brains” was born!

Nobody would eat a single bite.

Next year when we invited people to the party, all they would say was, “I’ll come as long as Betty Brains isn’t there!”

Have a Spooktacular Halloween,
Terri and James

Halloween Party T+J

19 thoughts on “The Halloween Saga of Betty Brains

    • This was pretty funny Rusha, and Betty got lots of sotto voce comments, but she fit right in. One year my boss came dressed as a tube of Preparation H. Because he refused to speak or take his cap off, we didn’t know who he was for an hour. Hilarious! ~James

    • Curt, Dallasites have two important recipes in their culinary quiver: guacamole and margaritas. And as it happens, Dallas is where I developed my taste for both. Hope you’re keeping dry for Halloween. ~James

      • Weather was beautiful here for Halloween, James. Since Peggy was in Alaska helping out with the grandkids for a couple of weeks, I celebrated my Halloween by watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Quite amusing. –Curt

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