Slovenia Halloweenia!

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Halloween is pretty low key in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We only saw the occasional jack-o’-lantern (usually at a bar) and we didn’t see the costume extravaganza we’re accustomed to in the States. Too bad … I really love Halloween.

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But it is an official public holiday. October 31st is Reformation Day in Slovenia. It’s associated with the 16th century Lutheran Reformation (no costumes involved) and the printing of the first Slovenian language books.


November 1st is All Saints’ Day – a lot like our Memorial Day. Crowds of people from all generations visit the family cemeteries and adorn them with flowers and traditional candles. Candles were burning all over town – on sidewalks, bridges, and monuments. Flower arrangement sales were booming.


Best of all, Halloween is the anniversary of our first date. James, that hopeless romantic, took me to the Star Drive In to see a Hell’s Angel’s double feature. After THAT first date, it only took him four years to convince me to marry him! That’s why I love Halloween.

And to celebrate the occasion, we used to throw a wacky Halloween party.

Peace and Spooky Love,




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31 thoughts

  1. Halloween pur essendo partito dall’Europa come tradizione celtica, non è molto sentito qui come negli USA, la vera tradizione festeggia Tutti i Santi, dove appunto si rende omaggio ai defunti, ma ora in Italia si sta festeggiando moltissimo anche halloween
    tutto molto bello nel post, soprattutto -gli inguaribili romantici-he he
    buon anniversario
    Halloween party but from Europe as Celtic tradition, is not much heard here as in the us, the real tradition celebrates All Saints, where he pays homage to the deceased, but now in Italy is also celebrating halloween
    all very nice, especially in the post-the romantics-he he
    happy anniversary

    1. How interesting! I didn’t know about the Celtic tradition. So how is Halloween now celebrated in Italy? In the US, children dress up in funny costumes and go door-to-door in their neighborhood where the residents give them candy.

      Since we had our first date on Halloween, it’s always been special to us. So glad that you stopped by. 🙂 ~Terri

  2. There is not much Halloween tradition in Croatia. Like you said, All Saints Day is huge – a national holiday indicative of a strong Catholic tradition. Yesterday at the market square here in Šibenik, there were lots of flowers being sold – live, cut, and artificial. And all the grocery stores have displays of candles in glass containers with vented lids. They burn for days.
    Happy Halloween to you both from the Dalmatian Coast where it still feels like summer for about 5 hours/day.

    1. Mike, it sounds like the folks of Croatia are celebrating much the same as Slovenia. We were amazed by the long-burning candles in makeshift shrines all along the roads and sidewalks. And the flower arrangements were amazing – and amazingly expensive! Hope that you and Florence enjoy your Croatian Halloween and summer weather! ~Terri

    1. Thank you Rusha. Reformation Day was a new one for us, too. And the interpretations of “All Hallow’s Eve” around the world can vary drastically! It’s such a fascinating part of the world with so much to teach us. Have a fun Halloween. 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Thanks Louise – It was definitely a memorable date. My family had just moved from Chicago to a small town in Kentucky – for my senior year of high school! I had never been to a drive-in, but I guess love was in the air! Have you ever told us how you and Tom met? And how is your shoulder doing? ~Terri

      1. It was a non-date, date. We met at the movies with a couple of friends after work. But he bought my ticket before I arrived, though… In the parking lot later, he walked me to my car, and I talked seriously about the perks of being single. He listened and responded dryly, “Yeah. Sucks doesn’t it?” 🙂

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