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Wroclaw Celebrities: The Gnomes … and Kevin Spacey!


He’s done everything … he’s played everyone. So what’s left for a man of his stature? Well, there’s obviously more.

Wandering the gorgeous streets of Wroclaw, Poland, we were surprised and confused to see huge billboards of Kevin Spacey, looking quite dapper, smiling out confidently, plastered all over town.


Our first thought was, Is this an ad for House of Cards? But no.

Turns out it’s a massive marketing campaign for Bank Zachodni WBK. Who knew what Kevin was up to when he wasn’t winning Oscars, directing at the Old Vic, or playing a political hack?

But here’s the best part: our initial sighting of Kevin Spacey lead to our very first gnome spotting. There beside his billboard was the bank’s ATM … and just below the cash machine were these little guys.


They’re known as “The Dispensers” – it’s obviously a 3-Gnome job (or Tri-Gnomial, as James the Geek says).


One tiny guy to receive the order and keep track on his fingers. (Note: Gnomes only have 3 fingers and a thumb!)


Another little person with an abacus to record the transaction.


And a third gnome to dispense the cash through the slot.

What a delightful introduction to the Wroclaw Dwarves. Stay tuned – lots more Gnomes to come!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


20 thoughts on “Wroclaw Celebrities: The Gnomes … and Kevin Spacey!

    • It seems that over the years, businesses have gotten in on the act. The Gnomes originated as a form of political statement against an oppressive government; then as things cooled down, the Gnome family continued to grow. Today they’re a symbol of the city – its citizens, interests, and businesses. ~Terri

  1. What a great find! Much nicer than the garden variety of gnome. They look sturdy enough not to be the victims of gnoming. Did you know there are French and Italian Gnome Liberation Fronts?

    • That is too funny! I didn’t know about the Liberation Fronts so I checked it out. Amazing! 🙂 And although the Wroclaw Gnomes look very sturdy, I understand that a few have been victims of gnoming – particularly the ones around the University. ~Terri

  2. How fascinating.
    I’ve never heard of these little gnomes before.

    Isn’t it fun to see these small details in foreign cities.

    • It’s pretty funny Mike. The original creators were an underground movement that were protesting the communists … and using buffoonery (someone else’s word). The cool thing is that the town has taken lemons and made lemonade. Not a bad thing I reckon. ~ James

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