Capture the Colour: Yellow Fever

First and foremost, thank you for a wonderful week. Your response has been fantastic. You’ve helped us choose 4 of our 5 entries for Capture the Colour 2013. Yesterday’s winner for the WHITE category is the Whitewashed Windmills of Oia, Santorini by a landslide.

And now we’re ready to wrap it up. (If you’re playing catch-up, check it out here.) Just one more color to go – YELLOW. Perhaps we’ve saved the best for last.

Thanks to you, on Saturday we’ll publish our official submission and you can see all 5 of your choices.

Please let us know in the Comments which YELLOW photo you think we should submit.

Again, Many Thanks,
Terri and James

IMG_4441 - Version 5

1. The Buddhas of Dambulla

As an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists, the Cave Temples in Dambulla, Sri Lanka are an assault on the senses. Occupying five caves, the sheer number of statues, and the amount of artistic detail on the ceiling and walls is stunning. The poorly-lit caves didn’t provide ideal conditions for photographers, but what they lacked in light, they made up for with subject matter bathed in warm amber reflections.

Location: Dambulla, Sri Lanka
The Post: Dambulla’s Amazing Cave Temples

IMG_0446 - Version 2

2. Athena’s Awesome Shield

In addition to being the patron goddess of Athens, Athena is famous as part of the tag-team in the Perseus/Medusa dust-up. In fact, Perseus was so pleased to have her help, that he awarded Athena the severed-head trophy after Medusa fell. The head and the famous battle are reproduced on the shield carried by the 42-foot Athena statue in the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Clad in 8 pounds of gold leaf, the statue and shield have been extensively researched for historical accuracy, and both make a fun photo essay.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee USA
The Post: Athena: Music City’s Biggest Celebrity

IMG_1144 - Version 3

3. The Hell Hunt

If you’re like us you may not speak Estonian. Consequently you may think that this handsome Tallinn pub with its mustard yellow exterior only attracts bikers and the leather crowd. Not true!

Translated into English, “Hell Hunt” means “Gentle Wolf.”

The Hell Hunt is a fun, unpretentious pub that caters to locals and expats, with the odd tourist sprinkled in. Patrons rave about the cheap beer and delicious food. But our favorite part is the “shoe tossing” – the pair of shoes hanging on the line. Just proof that teenagers all over the world think alike!

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
The Post: Tallinn’s Unique Medieval Ambience


*** Check out our entries for BlueGreenRed, and White. And here is the Final Entry submission that you helped us choose. Thanks again!


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44 thoughts

    1. Many thanks Steve. The caves were almost surreal with their undulating ceilings painted in checkerboard patterns. I guess you’re packing up for India, about to depart on another adventure. Bon voyage, Terri

    1. Thanks Leslie, we really appreciate you hanging in there with us all week. So are you ready to escape the geckos and head to India? Wishing you all the best on your journey, Terri

    1. Thanks for the vote Jo, and not to worry, the voting will be over today. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling. We’ve had great fun with this competition, and our response from readers has been amazing. It has also be informative about what type of photos people enjoy. ~James & Terri

    1. Many thanks Pam. There were so many Buddhas in the caves it was hard to choose which ones to photograph. Each of the devout pilgrims seemed to have their personal favorite. I also loved the wavy, painted ceilings! 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Thanks Joyce. Aren’t those shoes hilarious. When we lived in Charleston, close to the college, we had a pair that hung on the line outside our balcony. They always made me smile. 🙂 Love, Terri

  1. This one was the most difficult for me. As you know, I am drawn to the Buddha; the shield tells an intriguing story; but for true yellow color, it has to be #3 for me – Hell Hunt. Have a great weekend you two. 🙂

    1. Thanks a bunch Tia – so glad you hung in here all week. We really appreciate all your feedback. And as for the pub, we took the photo before we knew the translation of “Hell Hunt.” So learning that made it fun for us too. 🙂 ~Terri

  2. I am going with the Hell Hunt. Can’t resist the woman riding the wolf. And flower boxes.

    As an aside, whenever I see shoes tossed over a wire (there is a whole tree decorated with shoes in Nevada) I think of the parents who have invested in the shoes. Wonder if the kids would toss them if they had bought them with their own money. –Curt

    1. From the stats so far, it looks like Hell Hunt is going to be a clear winner. The shoes don’t seem to make much sense to me, but I’m sure that when I was a kid, logic didn’t enter my domain much either. ~James

      1. I guess it is sort of like throwing your cap in the air on graduation, a ceremony that doesn’t really have to make sense. I get the challenge. (grin) –Curt

    1. Many thanks Anita. We were amazed by the Buddhas – there were hundreds of them in the 5 caves. But my favorite part was the roller coaster ceiling. It was wild! 🙂 Love, Terri

  3. OK, my vote goes to the Athena thing, and more importantly to the writer who can distill the entire Perseus-Gorgon episode down to a “dust up”. Bravo!

  4. Oh. I guess I am playing catch-up. But I’m voting anyways…. I don’t know your final choices yet. So, for yellow I choose Athena’s Awesome Shield.

  5. I know I’m too late to put in a vote, but it’s just as well as I can’t decide! They are all so beautiful and a very interesting variety of subjects, too. I also like the sunflower photo you posted, especially since I live in the sunflower state!

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