Capture the Colour: Seeing Red

All right, 2 colors down and 3 to go for choosing our entries in Capture the Colour 2013. Yesterday’s votes are in and the winner for the GREEN category is A Green Bug Zapper! (If you’re playing catch-up, just check it out here.)

Today’s category is RED. Please let us know in the Comments which photo you think we should submit.

Many Thanks,
Terri and James

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll show you our WHITE choices.

Red Heliconia, Ubud, Bali

1. I’ve Been to Heliconia … and Back

For my money, the Heliconia is one of the most colorful and appealing flowers in the world. A unique lobster-claw shape, and vivid red, yellow and green colors make it impossible to ignore. This beautiful specimen grew just off the front porch of our hotel room in Ubud, Bali, and was a constant reminder of the paradise surrounding us.

The Post: The Constant Gardener

Red Ceiling w Buddha, Golden Palace

2. A Golden Buddha Under the Sacred Red Ceiling

Colorful Buddhist temples abound in Bangkok, but even on this elevated scale, Wat Pho is a high-water mark for color. It’s home to a 150 foot-long reclining Buddha, as well as row after row of smaller golden Buddhas standing and sitting in meditation poses around the many courtyards. The appealing combination of red, black and gold in this photo provides a stark contrast, and is a magnet for the eyes and camera.

The Post: Wat Pho: A Mega Wat Day

Red Keffiyeh, Petra

3. The Bedouins: Heartbeat of Petra

On a frigid January morning in Jordan we made an Indiana-Jones-inspired dream come true. At dawn we walked and shivered awestruck through the Siq of Petra to gaze upon the ancient city carved in red sandstone.

While tourists jostled for prime camera angles, the Bedouin camel jockeys and carriage handlers clustered around one man. Wrapped in his distinctive red and white keffiyeh (known in Jordan as shemagh mhadab), worn by men of the area for centuries, they planned the day’s work.

The Post: The Bedouins: Heartbeat of Petra


*** Check out our entries for BlueGreenWhite, and Yellow. And here is the Final Entry submission that you helped us choose. Thanks again!


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50 thoughts

    1. Thanks again for your feedback Jo. I’m with you on the oriental combination of red, black and gold – it’s just so elegant. We must have taken a million different shots of all the golden Buddhas there! 🙂 ~Terri

    1. Hey Brenda, it’s great to hear from you, and thanks for the comment. This photo may not be a contest winner, but it certainly is a beautiful flower. Hope all is going well for you guys. ~James & Terri

  1. I’m going to go with the Golden Buddha Under the Sacred Red Ceiling purely because I have had such a huge fascination with Buddha’s for years! The contrast of the gold and red is just beautiful too.

    1. Thanks for the vote. And rhythm … what an unexpected but wonderful word to describe this flower. Who knows, given the repeated pattern and the sine-wave shape, there could be some fractals at play here. Thanks for adding a dimension. ~James

    1. Thanks for the vote Leo. With so many beautiful and colorful flowers in the tropics, they have to put on quite a display to get noticed. Well, no one will pass up the heliconia. ~James

  2. tough I was going back and forth between the helicona and the bedouin– I have to go with bedouin, I’m really drawn to that one– great composition.

    1. Thanks Kiki. We visited Petra when there wasn’t the incredible tourist crush (read – January and freezing cold) and we were able to spend lots of time watching and interacting with the bedouins. Petra is an amazing place, but for us, the bedouins will always be a big part of the memory as well. ~James

  3. It’s a close thing …. I love the depth of colour in the Buddha and the composition of the Bedouin is spot on – then again the heliconias could be my garden …. On balance … I’m voting for the Bedouin.

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog and directing me to yours. I can see I have hours of catching up to do!

    1. What a lovely response Merridy. Thanks for your choice – I’ll put you down in the “Bedouin column.” Living in the Philippines must be a wonderful adventure! And the chance to see heliconias on a daily basis would be a wonderful treat. Love your blog. All the best, Terri

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