Capture the Colour: Going Green

Thanks for all your great feedback yesterday on the choices for our BLUE entry In Capture the Colour 2013.

It looks like we have a clear winner … The Apothecary’s Bottle. (If you weren’t around yesterday and are totally confused, just check it out here.) So, today we present our entries for the GREEN category. Please let us know in the Comments which photo you think we should submit.

Many Thanks,
Terri and James

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll show you our RED choices.

1. A Green Bug Zapper

Green anoles are a common sight in the Southeast US, but their wary nature, and rocket-like escape maneuvers make them difficult to photograph close-up. What’s not obvious from the photo, is that he’s perched on an 18th Century tombstone in one of Charleston, South Carolina’s many wonderful old graveyards.

The Post: A Green Bug Zapper

Green Bench on the Green Line, Cyprus

2. Green Bench on the Green Line

We could hardly believe our eyes that just 20 feet beyond this gentleman sitting on the bench lies the “Green Line” – the UN occupied buffer zone that divides the Greek and Turkish areas of Nicosia, Cyprus. We were intrigued by this conflicting image. This beautiful walled city is the only divided capital in the world! The razor-wire-secured area, smack-dab in the middle of town, was created when an army general drew a line across the map in green crayon.

The Post: Nicosia: Where “Going Green” Isn’t Good

Green Palm Sprouting from Tree Spirit

3. Beauty Rising

Master carver Keith Jennings created this wonderful, winsome beauty on a live oak tree in the village on St. Simons Island, Georgia. And as is often the case with these grand old southern trees, a green palm has found refuge in the same welcoming cleft. There are about 15-20 sculptures scattered around the island, and they’re truly hidden gems. All are exceptionally well done, but this carving is our favorite.

The Post: The Watchers in the Hammock


*** Check out our entries for BlueRedWhite, and Yellow. And here is the Final Entry submission that you helped us choose. Thanks again!


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46 thoughts

    1. Thanks so much – you sound like us. We looked at last year’s winners, and in some of them the color was pervasive – in others there was only a hint of the color. It was hard to know which way to go. ~Terri

    1. Brittany, thanks so much. I know that standing there on the Green Line certainly had an impact on us – much like the Berlin Wall. And the Tree Spirit was a wonderful surprise when we stumbled across it. ~Terri

  1. No 2 if it were just for the character and story told by the picture (I love it) but I think No One if your entry criteria is “Green”. No 2 has just too many colours in it I feel. Well that’s my 2 cents worth anyway!!

    1. Many thanks for your input. It’s hard to know what the judges want. When we looked at last year’s winners, some of them had pervasive color – others were more subtle with only a hint of the color. It was hard to know which way to go. ~Terri

  2. Tough choice today; feel the same way others have said, if competition criteria is the story behind the image as well then photo 2 the green bench, otherwise the gorgeous green lizard. He is a beauty. Bon chance!

  3. Has to be the lizard.
    The other two images don’t have enough green, so there’s really no comparison on this one.

    1. It would’ve been interesting if we could’ve gotten a shot with the checkpoint and border crossing in the background, but we couldn’t pull it off. After the man left, we sat on the bench and watched as the border guards searched each and every person with shopping bags returning from the Turkish side. They were not happy shoppers. It was quite a sight. ~James

    1. Thanks Madhu. I like to take bird and other animal photos, but they are notoriously hard to capture. I’m still surprised that this lizard sat still long enough for the shot. ~James

    1. We love the tree spirits as well Jo. If you like this one, click the post link below the photo to see lots more of the artist’s work. BTW, this spirit is carved in an oak tree next to Murphy’s Pub. Rumor has it, that the artist carved it to pay his bar bill, and for me, that makes it even better. ~James

    1. Thanks LuAnn. These little critters are all over the SE, and a big part of their appeal is their behavior (which makes them hard to photograph). The sit quietly, and then if you get close, they rocket off. Pretty funny. ~James

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