Roadside Americana: An Ad Campaign With Backbone

Spine FI

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives. Given this statistic, what could be better advertising for a chiropractic office than a huge spinal column carved from a tree?

Spine 2

Columbus, Ohio chiropractor Dr. David Ryan, says of the skeletal sculpture:

“This is a 25-foot high spine that was carved out of a silver maple tree. The tree was dying and instead of just cutting it down, I decided to have it carved by Jack Cantley, a local chainsaw carving artist.

It took two weeks to carve and is lit up for night time viewing. The statue is named “Palmer” after the founder of chiropractic medicine and is dedicated to all the chiropractic patients and their doctors. Anyone is welcome to stop and visit for a photo. Great place to study your spinal anatomy.”

If the purpose of signage is to attract attention, then this creative, chain-saw sculpture is perfect.

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    1. Thanks so much Jo, for the nomination, the link to our blog, and the kind words. I’m flattered and honored to be included on your list of blogs for nomination. I didn’t know about this competition, and appreciate your bringing it to my attention. I enjoy browsing through my photos, and coming up with post ideas, and hope to get started soon. ~James

  1. Before I read the caption I thought this might have been a photo of a sasquatch fossil. 🙂
    Cool picture. I will share it with my cousin the chiropractor. – Mike

    1. Hey Mike. I thought that this was a wonderful use for a dead tree. Also, this doc has a great sense of humor as well. Tell your cuz that the parking space lines in his parking lot are white curvy spines. Pretty wacky and cool

  2. Since we are in Columbus during the week, I may have to check this out as well. Yesterday I visited Chief Leatherlips. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    1. Wasn’t that a cool park? We were in transit and couldn’t spend much time, but it looked like a great spot for a picnic. When you go to see the spinal column, check out the parking space striping. ~James

    1. Sue, I must certainly win the award – answering a 2 year-old comment. Not sure about the bulging disc, but since I have a recurring back problem, I should have paid more attention. Sorry this one slipped through the cracks. ~James

      1. Haha well aren’t you thorough going through old posts! I’m certain I have missed answering comments too. My Mom sometimes keeps an eye out for me. 🙂

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