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Look Out McDonald’s, Here Comes Cevapcici!


After a spectacular train ride through the Dinaric Alps, we arrived in Sarajevo on a cold, wet, wintery day. It was the perfect weather for sitting inside, warm and dry, watching the sea of umbrellas flow by, and trying some great local food.

Thanks to a heads-up from my sister Ellen (the gourmet), we knew we were in the market for some Cevapcici – one of Bosnia’s favorite dishes. As usual, she was absolutely right!

We found a great little restaurant called Fan Ferhatovic, in the heart of the Old Tukish Quarter. And amazingly they had a menu in English (which enabled us to order chicken instead of goat). We ordered Cevapcici, not really knowing what to expect.

When our food arrived, it consisted of rolled, spiced meatballs (about the size and shape of your thumb) that were grilled, then placed inside the most delicious, fluffy flatbread. The meatballs were made from a blend of ground meats (beef, pork, and lamb), or in our case, ground chicken. The proper technique is to eat it with your hands by tearing off pieces of the bread and wrapping it around a meatball. Talk about finger-lickin’ good!

And all of this great food only set us back 3 Marks – that’s $2.13! Cheap and delicious. How can you go wrong? So now we know – just give us a Cevapcici and a pivo (beer) and we’re good to go.


14 thoughts on “Look Out McDonald’s, Here Comes Cevapcici!

    • We didn’t discover cevapcici until we arrived in Bosnia Mike, but one of our commenters said that all the Balkans states have their version of it. It’s very tasty and cheap grub … a long-term travelers dream. ~James

    • Our experience in Lake Como, was that it was a good place to lose weight. BTW, if you bump into Giorgio Clooney, tell him that you know another cool dude from KY (me), and maybe he’ll have you guys over for dinner. And it probably won’t be KFC. ~James

  1. there was a Yugoslav restaurant (it was Yugoslavia then) I used to go to as a lad that had 3 dishes only:
    1. Cevapcici,
    2. Pleskavici
    3. Half and half
    I came away with a sense Yugoslav food lacked some variety.

    • That’s interesting Michael. James and I joke that here in the USA, if you go to a Taco Bell, they take 3 ingredients and turn them in to 30 different dishes. Glad you stopped by. All the best, Terri

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