A Misty Morning At Buttermilk Falls

A rainy, misty morning signals New Yorkers in Ithaca that autumn is just around the corner. So Buttermilk Falls State Park is alive with hikers and campers, all intent on squeezing in another day of outdoor fun.

The overnight rains have moved on, after adding a bit more whoosh to the cascade of the falls, and there may be a picnic in our future.

And our talented blogging buddy Virginia describes this morning perfectly:

Clutching a mug of coffee hot and fresh from the camp stove
I’ve dipped a toe into the water of Buttermilk Falls.
The early morning mist is curling silky tendrils over the rocks.

Happy Trails,


Author: gallivance.net

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  1. I haven’t been to Buttermilk Falls, but last year I went to Watkins Glen State Park. There are over 17 falls and cascades there. Watkins Glen is where I got my inspiration to write my blog about New Hampshire.

    1. Laura, we haven’t been to Watkins Glen yet. A big Nascar race was held there this past weekend, so we’ll let things calm down before our visit. It really is beautiful country here. ~James

  2. Clutching a mug of coffee hot and fresh from the camp stove I’ve dipped a toe into the water of Buttermilk Falls. The early morning mist is curling silky tendrils over the rocks. It is BEL’OCHIO. The Beautiful eye – seeing beauty and experiencing joy in these simple pleasures of life. V.

  3. When I think ‘falls’ I think of water freefalling sometimes from great heights. Buttermilk Falls is such a different sort of falls and quite picturesque. I wonder how it got such a homey name?

    1. I suspect, that as Curt pointed out, the milky appearance of the water on the cascade gave the creek its name. If you enjoy these types of falls, the area around Ithaca, NY is loaded with them. ~James

    1. We haven’t explored the area yet Catherine, but from the tourist info, I think there are lots of waterfalls in the area. In fact, we were driving down the massive hill from Cornell, and I heard one in town also. It’s a cool area, and we’re looking forward to exploring. ~James

    1. We’ve just started week three of our camping trip, and if the rain in northern Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York is any indication, it really is an exceptional year. We’ve camped in these areas before, and I don’t ever remember this much rain. But, the farmers are certainly happy. ~James

    1. Thanks Hannah. It’s one of those places that you can’t truly capture on film. The sounds of the falls add to its appeal, and visiting is really the only way to truly see it. ~James

      1. That’s a great idea Hannah. It is a charming spot, and the park has a few really nice hikes. It is a favorite spot on weekends, so plan accordingly. ~James

    1. I suspect you’re right Curt. The valleys around Ithaca are crowded with small creeks and these cascade type of waterfalls. There’s a popular swimmin’ hole at the bottom of Buttermilk Falls that’s closed due to high rain, so the local kids are pretty miffed. ~James

  4. There’s a falls sorta like that in Oregon. Not as steep, perhaps, and slick with algae. We slid down it on our butts. That was sixty years ago. My butt still hurts…

    1. Pretty funny Tom. Greenville, SC has a smaller scale waterfall in the heart of downtown that is very cool. It’s also a favorite swimming/wading hole (against the advice of city government). I saw a few teenage boys slide down the falls on their butts, and to a man, they walked off shaking their heads and rubbing their sore butts. Sometimes I wonder how we survive our youth. ~James

    1. Anita, it’s a very pleasant place to pass some time, and the swimmin’ hole at the bottom looks inviting as well. Except that the water temp was probably 60 degrees … buuurrr. ~James

  5. It is hard to believe that summer is almost behind us, given that it doesn’t feel we have had much summer weather, really only one week of hot temps. Buttermilk Falls looks very interesting. Given our change in plans, we will probably be exploring the east coast more this next year, with winter spent in FL and perhaps visiting the Carolinas.

    1. That sounds like a good plan LuAnn, chase the good weather. We’re camped in the Finger Lakes in NY, and we’re enjoying what, for us, is delightful weather. This morning when we woke up it was 52 in the popup. It’s strange to think about the nightly lows in GA in the upper 70s. We’re soaking it in. ~James

    1. We spent 4 days camped in Buttermilk Falls State Park, and it was great fun. It gave us the opportunity to explore Ithaca and enjoy camping as well. So now I understand why you can tolerate those Colorado winters – your winter training in NY. ~James

    1. Thanks for the link Gabriela. Your photos of Bfalls are beautiful. We really enjoyed our time in Ithaca. It’s great to be able to camp in a cool park like BFalls, and be so close to town, and all it has to offer.

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