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The Day the Monks Hit the Lotto

Wat Front

Sometimes missing the target works out fine. Bangkok is known for its beautiful and important wats (buddhist temples), and our plan was to visit Wat Pho, the home of a famous 150-foot reclining Buddha. On the way we saw a beautiful golden tower in the distance, and decided to detour.

Side StepsIMG_4509 - Version 2


As it turns out, we stumbled into $218,000,000 worth of gold! The Golden Buddha of Wat Traimit, weighing in at five tons (4,500 kg), is the world’s largest golden statue, and with the price of gold at $1360/oz, that’s almost a quarter of a billion dollars, give or take a few million.


Buddha's Face

In addition to being seriously valuable, and very sacred, it has a wonderful history. In 1957 an old stucco statue was being moved from a storeroom by a crane. You see this coming of course. The statue was accidentally dropped, chipping off a piece of plaster, exposing the gold underneath! I bet the monks busted a move that night.

Happy Trails,

Happy Monk

8 thoughts on “The Day the Monks Hit the Lotto

    • Thanks Luksana. If you haven’t been to this temple, next time in Bangkok you should definitely see it. The Buddha statue is beautiful, and you’ll never see such a huge piece of gold. ~James

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