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Charleston: It’s All in the Details


2 Meeting Street

Charleston is a beautiful city full of charm. We lived there for a year as we prepared for our recent RTW. And you’d better believe that saying goodbye to Charleston was tough! Everywhere we looked, we saw details we’d missed the day before.


St Michael's Church

Flower Boxes

Pirate Spikes


Brick House


The easygoing lifestyle, stunning architecture, and gracious people of Charleston always make us smile.

Peaceful Trails,
James and Terri

The End

The End.

16 thoughts on “Charleston: It’s All in the Details

    • Thanks Curt. I’m with you because I love the spire of St. Michael’s – the oldest surviving church in Charleston. And yes, those are “pirate spikes” left over from when Charleston was plagued by buccaneers! ~Terri

  1. Oh I just love these photos. I’ve convinced my father to go to Charleston after we had such a wonderful visit. I’m going to send him this post for more inspiration!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I think your father will have a wonderful time – Charleston seems to have something for everyone. I would just add that it can be pretty toasty in the summer, so shoulder seasons are a great choice. All the best, Terri

  2. When I visited I loved how there might be something like a little dog statue in the window looking out. That meant the sailor was at sea. If the dog was turned around looking into the house, it meant the sailor was home.

    • Pam, that is so cool – I didn’t know that one! There are several homes along the water that were built by ship captains who used ship-building construction techniques, so they have some very interesting angles. And these houses have survived several hurricanes! All the best, Terri

    • Thanks Bama. And sorry for the confusion, but on the weekends we’ve been republishing some of our posts that we did before and during our last RTW, so we aren’t taking another RTW. Not yet anyway. ~Terri

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