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  1. Dubrovnik is one of our favorite spots. We went there with our children in 1982 after a semester in Roma. We so enjoyed walking around the top of that medieval city wall. Later when there were reports of war and shells pounding the ancient walls, David bemoaned the destruction of the city that rivaled the beauty of Venice. Not sure when you were there, but it must be restored now.

    1. Hi Anne, We were there last fall and fortunately it has been restored, though it proudly bears some of the scars. There are maps showing the locations of all the damage. I must say that it is certainly gorgeous now. So hard to imagine its destruction. ~Terri

  2. A city never to grow tired of? Many years since I was there but it’s still vivid. That polished main street and the walls- an enduring memory. Looking forward to returning with you.

  3. Looking forward to getting more of your visual inspiration before we leave Dubrovnik. 🙂 You’re probably wondering why I’m on the computer, while in such a beautiful city… The weather has been a bit challenging here and 3 of 4 days have been rainy. Yesterday, however, we rode the cable car – what an extraordinary experience ‘flying’ over the city! We’re hoping to walk the walls tomorrow.

    1. Tricia, we remember what a bear the weather can be. I understand that you’re experiencing the katabatic winds now (which James writes about next week) and they’re particularly wicked in the winter. So glad you were able to ride the cable car, and as you know from past experience, walking the walls is a joy. We also really enjoyed the residential neighborhoods adjacent to the wall. I’m looking forward to hearing how Dubrovnik compares to Trogir since we didn’t make it there. All the best, Terri

  4. I’ve really been enjoying your posts. In a few weeks, we are going on a Mediterranean cruise, starting in Barcelona and ending in Venice. Our next to last stop is in Croatia. Your recent posts have been making me even more excited about our trip!

    1. Thanks Laura, what a fabulous trip you have planned. And I love all your destinations. What are your other stops? Are you planning to blog about your trip? Hope so! ~Terri

      1. Barcelona, Marseilles, Florence, Rome, Split and Venice. We are staying a few extra days in Venice before we return home. I’ve never been a big fan of cruises, but I’m really looking forward to this one. Since my blog is about touring NH, I’m not sure where I will put my photos and story, probably on facebook. 29 days til we sail!

  5. Hmmm..I’ve been in my “where do I go next?” phase for a few weeks. Your Croatia write-ups might be just the key to a solution! Love the idea of Croatia and haven’t been yet.

      1. Thanks so much! I think Tricia’s website will be my Sunday morning with coffee read. It looks fabulous!

  6. What a trip down memory lane for me! I remember the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, the massive imposing walls and best of all, the large number of playful cats and kittens in the city. The glistening streets also made quite the lasting impression! Happy travels!

  7. On our recent tour of Mediterranean seaports, I have to say that Dubrovnik was in my top three. Whether you are walking the walls or the streets, it is hard to beat for unique beauty and charm. It is definitely on my list to return to. Thanks for the reminder… right down to the cat…

      1. Santorini and Barcelona… recognizing, of course, that there were many ports I didn’t get to. On the other hand, I didn’t find one I didn’t like. (grin)

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