Barcelona is Foodie Heaven

Pinchos_de_tortilla_en_Barcelona 2The food scene in Barcelona is exceptional! This region of Catalonia has a well-earned culinary reputation, both for its traditional styles and “nueva cocina espanola.”

So whether you’ve come for the traditional paella, or you’re ready to try something more progressive like fusion tapas or Basque “pinchos” (tapas on a stick), you won’t be disappointed.

Paella 2

Catalonian dishes are also characterized by their creativity – the combination of unexpected ingredients, such as raisins and nuts added to vegetables, rabbit combined with snails (I haven’t warmed up to the “snail thing” yet), or poultry cooked with fruit. It reminds us of many dishes we’ve had in Morocco.

La_Boqueria 2

The one thing all these foods emphasize is that they are made from the freshest ingredients possible. One of the best places in town to see, sample, and succumb to these delights is at the market La Boqueria just off Las Ramblas.

Candied_Fruit_-_La_Boquería 2

It will send you into sensory overload. And any good Foodie knows that presentation is key. Whether you’re shopping for shrimp longer than your hand, exotic candied fruits, or ridged tomatoes (who knew!), you won’t come away empty handed.



Photo Credit: 1. flydime via Wikimedia Commons


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14 thoughts

  1. Really good! I wish a free ticket to get there again..:v Tapas. One night drink shangria like water that I almost heart attack. I did not stop walk in Barcelona. People are good looking though. Thanks

    1. Hi Elaine (I assume since I eliminated BDLAM), your blog is priceless! I love the pic of your boys on the masthead, and I’ve already put PEA PESTO PASTA on our menu. Thanks! All the best, Terri

  2. Hi, there!
    Beautiful post about Barcelona, loved it!
    What an awesome place! Me and my boyfriend spent a week going around Barcelona by bike, it was fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lina, and for dropping by the blog. Awesome is a great word to describe Barcelona. It has so much variety, it’s amazing. It’s the perfect combination of old and new, and has a neat metro vibe as well. ~James

    1. Thanks … we certainly love Barcelona. We haven’t visited the Pyrenees yet, but it’s on the list. I’ve really been enjoying your series on the Orkneys – hate to see it end! All the best, Terri

    1. I totally agree, Jamey! The selection of fresh produce is astounding and opportunities for sampling abound. We had an apartment nearby and shopped there every day. It was bliss! Were you there recently? All the best, Terri

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