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34 thoughts on “A Pause for a Little Romance

    • Hi Pippa! Looks like we definitely have a love of Savannah in common. Have you ever lived there? (BTW, your link in your gravatar is still going to your old site. Thought you might want to know.) All the best, Terri

  1. ….we’ve just come back from celebrating our wedding anniversary in the camper (and the snow) at the bottom of Mount Snowdon cooking steak on an open fire feeling truly blessed to have found one another. And the van ^_^ Enjoy your little romance!

    • Thank you so much. Unfortunately we have to head home to St. Simons Island this morning, but your kindness is so much appreciated. Looks like you all had a fabulous St. Pat’s celebration! All the best, Terri

  2. My how the time has flown from that day at your house. Seems like a century ago. I remember after you guys left your mom and I was cleaning up and I started balling. I bet she thought I was crazy. Thought I would never see you guys again and the affects of the champagne helped a little too. I remember her holding me and laughing.

    • Hi Carla, It’s fantastic to hear from you. Thanks for standing up with me all those years ago. You truly are the best. My Mom and Dad loved you – they said you were the perfect friend! Thanks for keeping Mom company when we split – it meant the world to her. We sure do love you, Terri & James

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