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The Wearing of the Green

Happy St.Patricks Day Everyone! We love St. Patrick’s Day because it’s our Wedding Anniversary. We were married over Spring Break in our last year of university. So we’ve been together … a while! If you want to read the story behind the story, check it out here.

Last year on this date we were in Wellington, New Zealand and James was struggling with Dengue Fever. So this year we promised ourselves that we would have a blow-out celebration, and that’s what we’re going to do. We headed to Savannah for a long weekend – where they dye the fountains green. We’ll drink green beer and champagne, stay in the tiny cottage we love so much, eat some great Southern food, and finish it off with a scrumptious pecan praline. Now that’s the way to celebrate!

Hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.

“And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by those moments that take our breath away.”
–George Carlin

Lovely Trails,
Terri and James

Photo Credits:
1. St. Patrick with Shamrock Andreas F. Borchert via Wikimedia Commons
3. Cat By Vera Kratochvil via Wikimedia Commons
8. Malachite Beads By Catarina Carvalho via Wikimedia Commons

33 thoughts on “The Wearing of the Green

  1. Happy Anniversary to you two! Wishing you a lovely (green) weekend!
    Our anniversary is on spring equinox, coming up soon…

  2. I love the green and not just because I lived in Ireland for 6 years 🙂
    Happy anniversary and thanks for another great post with beautiful photos.
    Great quote at the end by one of my favourite comedians 🙂

    • I’m a lover of the green too, and few places can compete with gorgeous Ireland. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. I too am a fan of GC, and love his serious side, too. All the best, Terri

  3. Pecan praline! My mouth is watering! Hope you had a great anniversary! I shot an episode of “Late Bloomer” Sunday. Hope to have it online soon. Please check out my new site, which premiered yesterday, and get the free E-book. Have fun! – Kaye

  4. Happy 2014 anniversary coming up! (We just had our 5th, on Valentine’s Day! A good Irish Catholic cop married now to a Scots Protestant from Houston… oh my!)

    • Thanks so much Jonelle! And congrats on your 5th – a wonderful milestone … and very memorable date! An Irish Catholic cop and a Scots Protestant from Houston sounds like a wonderful combination! ~Terri

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