New Orleans: It’s All in the Details

Stand on any corner in New Orleans and look at the buildings. Now turn slowly, a total 360º, taking in all your eyes can grasp. Savor it … and realize that regardless of where you look or what you see, you aren’t the first person to gaze upon it.

There are surprises around every corner. A stunning cornstalk fence with lifelike ears of corn is just down the street from a romantic cast iron balcony that beckons with promises of mint juleps and a good book.

Why? Because every inch of New Orleans architecture was intended to draw you in and engage your senses.

From the ornate brackets under the eaves of an ornate mansion to the spicy gingerbread that graces a diminutive shotgun house, architects and craftsmen found ways to individualize the basic box.

The curious street marker under your feet was designed for pedestrians, not cars. New Orleans is meant to be walked and relished like an seven-course meal. When it comes to architecture in the Big Easy, nothing is too good for its citizens.

But for us, the icing on the cake comes in the smallest of details. We spied this whimsical griffin strategically placed to greet guests.

Taking in the Details,

Last updated February 1, 2020


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