Jackson Square in the Fog

THE fog comes
on little cat feet.
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
–Carl Sandburg

I knew something was afoot when my sister Ellen texted me first thing in the morning.

“Can you hear the fog horns?”

This was weird because she was in Tampa … and I was in New Orleans. What was she – clairvoyant?

Truth is, she works at a TV station and often keeps track of what’s going on at our travel destinations (which served us well when we were living in Sudan and then-President Reagan bombed Libya).

Overnight, a dense fog had descended upon New Orleans and blanketed the Mississippi River in a nearly impenetrable cloud. Hence the fog horns. And yes, we could hear them from our apartment.

We knew this was too good to miss, so we jumped on the bus (the Streetcar was closed due to repairs) and headed to the French Quarter, bordered by the mighty Mississippi.

The scene at Jackson Square was surreal. There was an eerie hush to a place normally so full of life.

We could barely make out the distinctive steeple of the Saint Louis Cathedral.

Fortune tellers in the fog

The fortune tellers pretended it was business as usual.

Tarot in the fog

And the motorcycle cop rode along silently.

When we went to gaze upon the river … we couldn’t. It just wasn’t there anymore, except for the ominous fog horns.

Thinking of Carl Sandburg,

Author: gallivance.net

We're Terri and James Vance - high school sweethearts who went on to international careers and became world nomads. Today, 65 countries later, we're still traveling ... and still in love. Check out Our Story for more of the backstory at gallivance.net.

18 thoughts

  1. Fog is a strange thing, isn’t it? I had some good captures on our local beach in freezing fog last December. Tragic consequences here in London this week, though, when an experienced helicopter pilot fell foul of it.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo. Recently, we drove along the Gulf Coast in some of the heaviest fog I’ve ever experienced. It was an interstate highway drive, and all I could think was: “this is the kind of weather that causes 100-car pileups”. I was so relieved when the sun burned it off.

  2. Beautiful pictures, lovely words. Fog just seems to bring out the wonder, awe and respect in people. And then there is the quiet…

    1. Hi El, It was so uncanny that you texted to ask about the fog horns. It was one of those “look over your shoulder” moments. You’ve always had the greatest memory for instances that touch the senses. Love, T

    1. Hi Jody, and thanks. I loved your Sunday Simplicity post about roasting marshmallows. Since we’re campers, we’ve certainly roasted a few in our time. I must admit a weakness for S’mores! All the Best, Terri

  3. Oh Galivance – I heart your blog and your story and your travels.
    Very happy I found you through you finding me.
    Thank you for the like – much appreciated.
    xo reversecommuter

    1. Hi Reversecommuter, Thanks so much! What a fun blog you have. I can definitely pick up some tips and smiles with you. Looking forward to digging in to more. All the Best, Terri

    1. Thanks Mark. We really don’t have anything fancy. Our camera is a Canon Powershot, and it works great for us. We travel a great deal, and decided that carrying expensive camera gear wasn’t worth it for a number of reasons. Our little Canon fits comfortably in my pocket, is relatively rugged, and takes decent photos.

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