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Thanksgiving: Relax, Be Thankful, and Make It A Holiday

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I have no statistical support, but I suspect that this week must be the peak of grocery store injuries. Shopping carts zip around like overloaded guided missiles, and distracted shoppers are a health hazard.

There’s a Thanksgiving feast to prepare, and serious cooks have a laser-beam focus, and a faraway look in their eyes. Casual customers like me have no business being there, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.


Like most people, we love the “typical” foods for Thanksgiving – turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, a green veg, and of course, pumpkin pie, but we’re also OK with alternatives. Last year, we were in Santorini, Greece for the holiday, and had a wonderful time. Our hastily concocted feast was delicious.

And if you believe the media, Thanksgiving is just the lead-up to the Main Event … Black Friday! As the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday has two identities. For some, it’s a shopping frenzy and the best time of year to snag great deals. For others it’s the slippery slope into the black abyss of consumerism.

According to the dictionary, a Holiday is “A day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.”

This year, relax, be thankful, and make it a holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving,
James and Terri

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