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Back From the Baltic

Guy with Cute Hat

We left the chilly Baltic States (and a hotel with no heat), flying on our least-favorite airline (more on that later), and arrived back home to the steamy Southeast a few days ago. As much fun as it was to travel, it felt so good to come back to Basecamp Gallivance. And thankfully, the weather changed and we’re finally getting a lovely taste of fall here on SSI.

Our Baltic Excursion was a real Eastern European eye-opener, so we have lots to share. Look for more posts coming soon.

Now for some housekeeping …

Gallivance Facebook Page

Because we’ve been getting so many new visitors to the blog, we created a page on Facebook just for Gallivance. In addition to links to our regular posts, it will also include fun, everyday musings and photos. If you’d like to see it, you can:

1. Click this link

2. Press the Facebook “Like” button on the sidebar.

3. Subscribe and you’ll get an automatic notification when we post something new.

If you’ve been following us on our personal Facebook pages you can just switch over.

And you’re probably wondering about the guy at the top with the charming hat. Every day in Tallinn, he stood outside a local “gentlemen’s club” to entice gullible tourists inside for an expensive drink and a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’. Not sure how successful his pitch was with the guys, but the gals sure paid attention!

Terri and James

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