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The Riga Ramble


After getting gezellig last night we were rested and ready to take on Riga this morning. It was the perfect day for a long, no-destination-in-mind walk. The clouds were flying, shifting the sky from clear blue to threatening gray.

Riga feels so different from Tallinn’s intimate scale of narrow, meandering streets. Graced with beautiful, wide boulevards and striking monuments, Riga reminds us of when we lived in Berlin.

The charming Old Town is surrounded by a ring of beautifully landscaped parks with canals, fountains, and picturesque bridges.


And can you guess what’s on this bridge? That’s right – locks! Riga has its very own Locks of Love! Do we have any of these in the U.S.?


We did notice that these locks seems to be much “sturdier” than the ones in Helsinki.


They have a Baltic Bike Loaner Program which thrills James.


The Freedom Monument was built in 1935 to honor the people of Latvia in their struggle for freedom. She is known as “Liberty” and stands atop a tall spire overlooking Old Town. As Americans, we always love Lady Liberty!


Guards patrol at her base. The Latvians consider it miraculous that she was not torn down by the Russians during their recent fight for independence.


So after only one day of fun exploring, we can already say that Riga is a city of stunning architecture …


… amusing signs …


… and talented street musicians.


We can’t wait to see more.

Peaceful Trails,
Terri and James

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