Helsinki: The Other “Locks of Love”


Today was one of those typical Northern European Fall Days – breezy, misty, foggy, chilly, drizzly. We loved it! Felt like we were back in London, so we just pulled up our hoods, grabbed the brollie, and headed out to explore.

We had just walked over the bridge and visited the gorgeous Uspinski Cathedral (more on that later) when I spied it … a small, secondary bridge. I grabbed James arm and exclaimed, “There it is. Locks of Love!”

James glanced around, then looked at me quizzically. Since I had just written about my sister Nancy donating her long hair to Locks of Love he was thoroughly confused, because he was expecting to see a crowd of Rapunzel-esque women.


“The bridge,” I said pointing ahead. Then he saw it and a smile filled his face.

“Cool. Let’s check it out.”
The official name is “Bridge of Love” and it’s where couples come with a lock, simple or ornate, engraved or hand-scratched with initials, to declare their love to the world, and lock it onto the bridge … for eternity.
I like it … and that’s ours beside the red heart. We used one of our extra backpack locks that’s been around the world!



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