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Roadside Americana: Signs from a Georgia Weekend Excursion

EXCURSION |ikˈskər zh ənnoun. A short journey or trip,
especially one engaged in as a leisure activity : an excursion to rural Georgia.

— New Oxford American Dictionary

One of the things we love about living in the Southeast USA is that we can have some great weekend excursions. Most Saturday mornings you will find us jumping in the car and heading out to some local festival or intriguing destination. Our favorite sightings are often the signs we encounter. Gotta love “Gator on a Stick.”

Check out the “Gator Bait”If you’re in Georgia (or Florida, for that matter) you’ve got to know that you will always find signs referencing the ubiquitous alligator. These popped up this weekend.

We thought this was just one of those ordinary Antique Store signs …

But as we got closer, it just got better.

Dead people’s things!

The Antique Shop also housed a small Firefighter’s Museum adorned with this sign. You can’t beat a little Firefighter love.

Hope you had a great weekend … and maybe a little excursion.


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