Marines on the Move

The loud whine of the turbines and the deep, ominous whump-whump of the rotors were too much to ignore. Even with “Addicted to Love” cranked up on the car stereo, I could feel the thumping in my chest. I caught a glimpse between two hangers, peeled off the street, pulled up to a warning-sign-festooned fence, and whipped out the camera.

I was just in time to shoot a short video of the takeoff of two Marine AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters. I posted it on Youtube and the link is below. This isn’t the kind of thing I see on a daily basis, and it was truly cool.

As most of our followers know, I’ve made a few posts on airport topics. They vary from upmarket private jets, to gnat-size ultra-lights. And just so you all know, I am not an airport groupie. It’s just that you can’t go anywhere on the island without passing the airport, and frequently there’s neat stuff to see there.

So if you enjoy watching mucho-macho military aircraft take off, check out this one-minute video. It’s fascinating to see how incredibly close they get to each other on the way up … yikes. Oh yeah, and crank the volume up.

Happy Trails,

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