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Hanging the Perfect Man

Perfect man

There he is, The Perfect Man, dangling by a silver wire.

The Hindus define the Perfect Man as the perfect Brother,
the perfect Son, and the perfect Husband.

I like that. So why in the world would we want to hang him? Because it’s tradition!

Last week we took time out of our renovation work to observe one of our favorite customs for making a house a home. We unpacked a prized possession – “The Perfect Man” – a hand-carved and hand-painted wood figure that stands nearly 5 feet tall.

J Hanging Perfect Man

He’s from Indonesia – one of our best-loved destinations – and is representative of the thriving tradition of carved artifacts found in the culture of the Indonesian island of Java.

He represents Rama, the Hindu model of the ideal man, and is revered by his people. We love the sculpture because of the simplicity of his peaceful expression and graceful composure.


This carving is called the “Welcome Rama” and should be placed near the front door of a person’s home. So we’re hanging him where he can greet all our guests with his wise and serene smile.


Now we’re excited to do some more unpacking!

Tranquility from BCG,

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