It Takes a Chillage

Sometimes you just have to chill. Kick back and relax. That’s what we’re doing today.

After an intense week of home renovation antics we’re heeding our own advice and taking a chill pill.

This morning we’re heading to our favorite gazebo on the water, down in the Village – Starbuck’s cappuccino firmly in hand – and we’re just going to enjoy each other’s company. No saws … no hammers … just the sounds of the ocean breeze and the giggles of the nearby children as they bounce on the springy limbs of the ancient oaks.

Later this morning there’s an art show and antique sale at the Pier – a guaranteed good time. And for lunch we’ll try a new place for some shrimp tacos. That’s as far as our planning has progressed. We’re big believers in serendipity and know that it will be a great day.

Hope you have some relaxation planned for today, too. Just chill and enjoy the company of someone you love.

Just Chillin’,

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