Basecamp Gallivance

Letters from Basecamp Gallivance: The Pace Quickens

Plan the work, and work the plan. It’s a good soundbite and may work in the corporate world, but in the renovation universe, it isn’t always so smooth.

We have lots of project planning experience, but have learned that, even under the best of circumstances, a renovation is controlled chaos.

Clutter takes over your life.

This is a photo of the few remaining tiles that must be removed before the new tile is installed. Terri took this project on. With hammer in hand with goggles in place, she bashed away. And later we found shards of tile embedded in the walls. No joke.

We’ve found that most of our recent renovations require lots of crawling around on our knees, and pads are essential (note the bags of tile for the trash – at about 10 pounds per bag.

We decided to paint the kitchen cabinets. If you’ve ever done this, you know that it’s a big job, big disruption, and big mess.

The tile installers come on Monday, and while we’re excited about walking on something other than concrete, we aren’t quite ready. So it’s an “all hands on deck” weekend to finish the things that need to be done.

This post may make the renovation sound like stressful misery, but in our hearts we love it. It’s about the enjoyment and reward of making a pleasing transformation, and using our hands to make it a personal space for us.

Adios from BCG,
James and Terri

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