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How the Other Half Lives … On St. Simons Island



The McKinnon Airport is just north of the village, and is considerably larger than expected for a small island. In addition to the size of the airport, there are an unusually large number of private jets parked, as well as coming and going on a daily basis.

This Gulfstream G4 was there this morning, and you have to admit, it isn’t a bad ride. FYI, it sells for $15-$17 million … used.

Wayne Huizenga jets around in this Gulfstream. He’s a billionaire entrepreneur who started his business life with one garbage truck, and went on to start Waste Management, AutoNation and Blockbuster (which he later sold for a huge profit). He and his wife have a home on Sea Isand, and own a golf resort and housing development.


If you wonder about the dolphin on the tail, he owns part of the Miami Dolphins as well. I have a hard time imagining this type of wealth, but he earned it, deserves it, and good for him.



This cute little turbo-prop jet is a Piaggio P180. It’s an unusual design, and as you might expect, is stylish and Italian. When it landed it turned the heads of the pilots of the G4. It belongs to a Clearwater, FL investment company, and while it’s not in the Gulfstream league, it’s not too shabby, and will set you back $5-$7 mil.

This plane watching is kinda fun, and may get to be a new hobby for me.

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