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Surfside Beach: A Hidden Gem


We discovered Surfside Beach, South Carolina exactly two years ago after a failed camping attempt at Huntington Beach State Park. We’d been camping across the Southeast for over a month when we naively arrived on Easter weekend … without a reservation. Big mistake!

We’re tent campers and don’t make camping reservations. Instead of being assigned a campsite by an impersonal computer, we like to pick our own sites (imagine that!). Most times it works … but sometimes you shoot yourself in the foot. This was one of those times. The state park was full. Time for Plan B.


It had also been raining for a week, so we decided it was time for some “inside time.”


We stumbled across a wonderful little extended stay place, with a great price, just up the road in Surfside Beach. And it was available. Amazing! We settled in for a week and had a blast!


So when we arrived back home in Charleston two days ago from our Round-The-World Trip, we knew we had a week before we could check in to our one-month apartment on St. Simons Island, Georgia. And we had to do our taxes. Where to go?

James said, “Remember that cool place in Surfside Beach? That would be the perfect place to spend a week.” So we called. They’d just had a cancellation … and here we are.


Surfside Beach is just as easygoing as we remembered. It bills itself as:

“The Family Beach … a small-town, laid-back, child-friendly environment
or its residents and guests. It is a quiet haven
close to all area attractions.”

Did we mention that it’s just 7 miles from Myrtle Beach? That would be the chaotic, wacky, wonderful Myrtle Beach. Now you start to understand. We call it the “Have your cake and eat it too!” location.


We lived at the beach for 4 years, and understand the realities of that lifestyle. If the tourists and chaos take over, your quality of life suffers.

Surfside Beach was a tiny village that was gobbled up by the sprawl of Myrtle Beach, but a small part of the area hangs on to that cozy, fun atmosphere. It’s rare, but it happens.


And of course, it wouldn’t be the South … or the beach, if it didn’t have somplace named “Bubba’s” or a “Fish Shack”!

Peaceful Trails,
Terri and James


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