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Charleston Always Charms


Our plane touched down in Charleston at midnight after a long day traveling from Los Angeles. And we didn’t have to go through Immigration and Customs. Yay! We’d already jumped that hurdle.

The sleepy guy at the car rental desk looked up with bleary eyes. He’d been waiting for us coming in on the last plane of the day. When we said that we’d just gone around the world – that perked him up a bit. And when we told him it would be the first time we’d driven a car in 6 months … well, that got his attention.

We stepped outside into the parking lot, savoring our first Charleston night in a long time. The air smelled so sweet. When we finally found the little rental car (a good ol’ USA Chevy) we laughed and reminded each other, “Drive on the right!” (Since we’d been in Australia and New Zealand most recently where they drive on the left!)

We’d already reserved the same hotel we stayed at the night before we left on our RTW because it’s close to where we stored our car (more on that later). Tomorrow would tell the tale … would it start after being dormant for 6 months?

When dawn broke, we hit the ground running. First order of business was the car. James put the keys in the ignition … and it started! Fired right up on the first try. Sweet! We were in business.

The day revolved around running errands – mail, storage, etc. But the best part was having lunch with great friends at a new restaurant on Meeting Street, and just touring around our old stomping ground, beautiful Charleston. We loved seeing some of our favorite things:

The hidden gardens


The flowing fountains


The fancy gates


The welcoming doorways


The church spires


And one of my personal faves, the pirate spikes.


A little dose of familiarity is wonderful thing … but we have some new plans in store. Stay tuned.

Peace and Love,


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