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Jet Lag and the Hula Lesson

Hula Lesson

It seems the only way to fly (cheaply) from Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii is to fly all through the night. Sigh. Trying to sleep sitting up in a cramped plane seat has never been our forte.

This makes for a really long day … and some wicked jet lag!

When you arrive at 6:45 in the morning, no hotel in the world wants to see you. It’s too early to check in – the maids haven’t even arrived for work yet. And we were staying at an apartment complex that didn’t open it’s doors until 8 o’clock. So we did what any good Americans who’d been out of the country circling the globe for 6 months would do – went to 7-Eleven for their chili dog and Coke Zero breakfast! I can’t tell you how good it tasted!

But of course, when we arrived at our apartment at 8 o’clock we were told that it wouldn’t be ready until 1 pm. Sigh. What now? We could barely hold our heads up. And there was nowhere to wait.

So we decided to use the tried-and-true traveler’s strategy – “Think Big and Blend In.”


We scoped the streetscape for recognizable names. Ah, there it was … Sheraton. The key is to find a big, namebrand hotel with a nice lobby, join the throngs of tourists streaming in, and find a comfy place to sit for a few hours.

Luck was smiling on us and we found a couple of chairs, looking out over an emerald green lawn, Waikiki Beach, and the gorgeous, blue Pacific. Little did we know it came complete with entertainment.


Out on the grass a hula lesson was in progress. A beautiful young woman in an enticing sarong was trying to teach a group of stiff, awkward tourists the basic steps. She was a study in grace and poise, her long, dark hair blowing in the tropical breeze. While her hands told the story, the mesmerizing sway of her hips ensured you’d pay attention. Every student wanted to be just like her.

Hula Skirt

Needless to say, as jet lag descended, I drifted off for a few minutes … but I don’t think James slept a wink. 🙂


Golden Hula

Photo Credit:
1. Ron Ardis via Wikimedia Commons
4. Frank Kovalchek via Wikimedia Commons

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