Catching Glimpses of Wellington


Shhh … James is asleep. As he continues his recovery from Dengue Fever, catnaps are a big part of the process. I’ve been using this time as an opportunity to run quick errands pick up meds, grab a few groceries, and see bits and pieces of Wellington.

Each day I take a different route, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m so impressed. It’s such a welcoming city.


Wellington is situated on a beautiful natural bay, cradled and embraced by green hills. It doesn’t get much more picturesque than this.


And the architecture is right up my alley – eclectic! Modern, industrial condos (the view from our 6th floor apartment window) …


… sit next to restored Victorian cottages.


Wacky backpacker hostels …


… rub elbows with a Deco Arts Center.


Architectural elements add interesting flair …


… while public sculptures, both traditional and contemporary, share touches of whimsy.



Where Māori traditional tribal boundary markers can coexist with New Zealand’s modern-day Parliament building …


… and Burger King (NOT Hungry Jack’s here) can snare a classic revival building on a prime corner.


Last, but not least, you’ve got to love a city where the Railway Station …


… is located on Bunny Street. I love this place!



P.S. James says thanks for all the well wishes. He’s still feeling pretty rough, and his full-body rash is starting to itch … scratch, scratch! He hopes to be on the mend and back on the blogging trail soon.



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