Getting a Little Behind in our Blogging


We really are sorry for the pun, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. Today was a busy day for us. Our busy days are probably like your busy days, but with slightly different specifics. We visited a wonderful Buddhist Wat today, and there is a post about it in our future. But the other things we did took more time than planned, and before we knew it, the day was over.

One of the reasons we stopped in Bangkok for two weeks was to plan our next few stops. These cities are: Luang Prabang, Laos; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Ubud, Bali; and Singapore. A couple of these places aren’t the easiest places to visit, so planning is a must. That’s one excuse, and we’re sticking to it.

The other thing that we did was Skype with our families. This was a very welcome and fun delay. We have a 12 hour time difference, good wifi, and it was wonderful to catch up. Skype is brilliant for international travelers, and we love it.

The wat we saw today was Wat Pho, which is the oldest and biggest wat in Bangkok. In addition to being marvelous, it was hot, hot, hot. With all the other stuff going on, we got a later start than planned, and we may have fried our brains. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing a couple of drinks, a good Thai meal, and some sleep won’t fix.


We’ll be back on form tomorrow.

Por-law (Enough!) from Bangkok
James & Terri

PS. We took the photo before we came up with the title of the post.

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