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Duct Tape and Donkeys: You can Depend on Both When Traveling


This post began life as a missive on the usefulness of duct tape for travel repairs, but at press time, we received the following comment from Terri’s sister Ellen, and her family (husband: Keith, daughters; Annalee, Noelle, Arianna, et al species).

“Please accept this as a formal petition from all of the species comprising Team Lasher (human, teenager, canine, amphibian and feline) to have the photo of “Terri’s Donkey” included in the best images of 2011. Come on! We are, if nothing else, all suckers for a pair of beautiful eyes. Please reconsider. Signed by the 3 humans, 2 teenagers, 3 dogs, 1 cat and 3 fish of the Team Lasher realm.”

To address this petition, we will post the requested photo … after a serious duct tape discussion.

Duct Tape: The Traveler’s Friend

I knew that eventually it would come in handy … my little roll of duct tape. Every serious traveler knows that you “don’t leave home without it”. I also like the phrase from The Duct Tape Guys, “It ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape”. There is even a Wikipedia page for this practical marvel.

I pack a mini-roll on every overseas trip, and have used it backpacking and bike touring. There are websites and multiple books devoted to it’s myriad uses, so I needn’t cover that ground again. But what I can do, is provide a couple of examples from this RTW.

This is a photo of my orthotics – inserts for my jogging shoes. I started wearing them years ago after a bout with tendonitis in my knees. Recently, the insoles started to self-destruct, and out came the duct tape. Now this isn’t me just being cheap. These orthotics are custom-made and require a trip to the podiatrist with weeks of waiting. And you don’t just stroll into the corner shoe store in Sri Lanka and pick up replacements.


The map in this photo has seen some serious use. I can usually tell how long I’ve been in a place by how distressed my map is. I’m a little biased, being a map guy and all, but when I find a great map that works, I make friends with it – which means I use it until it falls apart. What’s the obvious solution? Duct tape of course.


As you know, we are seriously committed to traveling light. Everything we pack has to be useful and multipurpose, and that’s the very definition of duct tape.

Donkey Redux

And back by popular request, Terri’s Santorini donkey!

Happy Trails,